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Family Bike Ride

The email from Luana expressed the desire for a family bike ride in Austin to celebrate Mother’s Day for the grandmother aka “Mom” and Luana’s birthday.  Also, she wanted a celebratory picnic in a peaceful setting.  Being together as a family is the priority.

The cycling expertise ranged from a half-mile ride to a faster 10-15 miles. Two bike rentals were needed…a high-end road bike and a trike-bike for the grandmother. (Our Supporting Cyclists section includes our hiring bikes description at this link.)  The trike-bike was provided by Golden Rollers to whom the family made a donation as there was no rental fee. Here is a video of  beginning the ride.

Family Bike Ride Austin

We realized the route and venue needed to allow for these bike riders to easily return at different times to the picnic spot while allowing for several of the family members to get in some mileage as they “raced” one-another. The route had to be super safe for the age range of young teenagers to a senior as several had little to no experience riding a bike. The picnic area needed to be spring-beautiful and private, if possible. Here is a  video of other family members beginning the ride and a photo of flowers on the route.

Family Bike Ride Austin 

wildflowers in Austin

The requestor, Luana, was a mother, sister, daughter, aunt and in-law to these seven other people. With her excellent ideas and input, the experience was designed and then implemented resulting in a joyous experience for everyone especially the grandmother on the trike-bike. She had been in a serious cycling accident and loved being on a bike again.

Grandmother on Trike-Bike

The TXBT guide cycled with the group to provide guidance as needed and photographed the family members as they rode along.

Family members returned to the picnic spot and then rode off again over several hours. The picnic feast was expansive, delicious and all prepared by Luana. TXBT served as support and gave Luana and Grandma birthday and Mother’s Day gifts.

explanation of food available at a picnic

Texas Bike Tours gives gift to guests

We at TXBT enjoyed creating and then being in this experience with this lovely family. Luana sent this note to us later. Her words made us very happy.

“Thank you so much for the photos! A good time was had by all. Mom woke up Monday saying she wasn’t sore and was ready to ride again! She had so much fun she has been talking nonstop about her adventure. 

I really enjoyed working with you and was pleased everything went smoothly (and without rain). You worked miracles and made my vision come to fruition. Thank you again. Take care,

Luana “


Celebrating Life and Enjoying Family Time

This Austin mother and wife wanted him to have free time with their young daughter, and his parents while on a bike; together exploring a part of Austin they didn’t know. The bikes were set up near their breakfast spot so that on a stroll, the family would approach and then the surprise revealed. The ride meandered through alleys, busy and quiet streets to an artist’s home. He welcomed them and there was not only interests for all ages, there was an opportunity for the grandparents to enjoy the little girl, the couple to have time alone knowing that they could just be together with no worries. Then a little adventure at the home and we were back on the bikes. A short ride to a natural setting with stories from the past threading through our conversations as to the land’s past lives. Then back on the bikes for a short ride to continue celebrating at a local beer garden. Completing the no-stress experience, TXBT transported the bikes for the family so they could relax and enjoy being together. The best part of the experience for TXBT was seeing those private moments of joy between the family members. One one photo here. See more on our Facebook page.

Grandparents Gift an Experience to the Family

Nan let us know that she and Joel wanted to spend a day of their visit to Austin cycling with their daughter, her husband and the children. Everyone enjoys riding a bike and with a focus on the grandchildren, the route should be casual, safe and fun. Along the route, the TXBT culinary experience director would create alfresco dining for lunch in a gazebo. Fun and yummy!

The family had personal bikes but no transport ability. TXBT trailer picked up the bikes at the family home along with a child’s trailer for the little one. We all met at a park to begin the ride. There was excitement in the air with the children laughing and talking. We snapped a photo at the start.

From there we rolled on trails, through parks, along a cliff edge, up and then down across a flowing stream to arrive at the gazebo. The chef awaited our arrival with a gourmet lunch that delighted everyone. After lunch the children skipped stones in the creek, climbed big rocks and pondered climbing a tree. We returned to the start just in time for a nap at home – parents, grandparents and the guide wanted a nap too.


picnic on a bike ride skipping stones on a bike ride



Mother-Daughter Fredericksburg Bike & Brunch

Our guests were a pair of mothers and daughters from Chicago who were looking for a respite from usual city life with a taste of small town Texas. We designed a bike tour that unveils the local charm of Fredericksburg while helping to work up an appetite for a unique culinary experience in a private garden after the ride.

Starting at a nearby bike shop, guests are custom-fitted to their bikes to ensure carefree riding throughout the day. As we begin the tour, we encounter landmarks, man-made and natural, that come together to tell the story of brave settlers who founded Fredericksburg. The quaint town invites us onward to see historic homes, churches, cemeteries and shop buildings that have as much character as the rugged Texans who built them all.

We ride further to explore the beautiful land that was shared by the settlers with Indians—land that is worth sharing and cherishing together to this day. The tour slows down near the end as we approach a local greenhouse and garden. A private gardening-cooking session awaits guests inside that includes recipes, samples of dishes prepared and a beverage pairing with the menu.

Refreshed and relaxed, we finish the tour back at the bike shop and reflect on the highlights of the day.

A Child’s Exploration in Austin

A central Austin tour designed to engage children with a little adventure threading through the exploration of a local park, cycling and walking on a historic trail, tree climbing, stream crossing, and a small field of standing stones ideal for play acting.   It will be easy to forget you are in a city. Additional time and mileage may be added for older children. Again, duration is driven by the pace chosen by our guests.

Overview of Austin for the Moore Family

The mom let us know that her family had never been to Austin before and wanted to feel the vibe of the city. The dad has an offer to transfer to central Texas from Northern Illinois. This trip is to decide whether to move to Austin. Their 11-year old will be a decision-maker as well and on the cycling tour; therefore, her parents wish to have fun stops for her as well as eat healthy at a food truck.

As we cycled together, they experienced the edge of the hill country and the flatness of the blackland prairie as Austin sits between these two regions of Texas. The route also brought into their line of vision that which makes Austin special – openness and acceptance without judgment.

We rode through quiet neighborhoods, looked at and climbed on street art, rode in a dirt bike park, crossed the river and ventured into Zilker Park. Good healthy food was had along the way. A climb up Doug Salm Hill and exploration in South Austin again showed the city to be open, adventurous and embracing of all people.  The family enjoyed art created by people as well as art created by nature. Our final stop was a photographic session with the gleaming skyline of Austin alongside the beauty of water and trees.

“Great way to explore Austin!”

We moved to Austin only a few months ago but never really had the chance to truly discover Austin. Being Dutch we love to ride bikes and figured it would be great to have a guide who could help us explore the city. Jacob was our guide and he did a great job! We loved biking through the city and felt completely safe at all times. Riding a bike is something we do every day in the Netherlands, so we felt comfortable biking while wearing flip-flops – I guess that was a first for Texas Bike Tours! We had a fantastic day and definitely recommend booking a tour, not only for visitors but also if you just moved to Austin. There is so much more to see when you’re riding a bike! Let them help you explore this amazing city!

Overview of Austin for Adults with Children

Designed for the enjoyment of a family, this is a brief look at downtown Austin, adjacent districts and neighborhoods. As you cycle, you experience the edge of the hill country, the flatness of the blackland prairie and that which makes Austin special – openness and acceptance without judgment.

Along the way, you see and climb on street art, experience a dirt bike park, move past public art, ride over the Colorado River and cycle beside the river on the hike and bike trail to parks, quiet eclectic neighborhoods, see leucistic white peacocks and climb a circular path up a hill. Visits to family-friendly retail shops as well as stops at food trucks add more to your experience of what is Austin.

While in South Austin, we could tour Casa Neverlandia, an artist’s concept of a chalet with fire poles, if the artist is available. The Neverlandia Tour cost is $10 a person.

Highlight of our weekend in Austin!

 Our bike tour was the best ever!  My daughter and I traveled to Austin for the weekend for her business. We had several hours that I knew she would be free, so I found Texas Bike Tours online.
From the first contact with Deaton, I knew it would be great, because Deaton was so kind to me in her emails. She went above and beyond to make it an absolutely amazing experience for our first visit to Austin. By the time we arrived, I felt like she was my new friend. Jacob was our guide, and he was the best. He was funny and knew so much about the city. He took us to places/sights that we would have missed on our own.  I would recommend Texas Bike Tours for everyone when you visit this city. I can’t say enough good things about Deaton and Jacob……wonderful people whom I will not forget!

Absolutely Awesome!

Texas Bike Tours was incredible from start to finish. I wrote an email asking for some information, and I received a response from Deaton almost immediately, saying she was out on a tour at the moment, but would write to me as soon as she could. That was my first indication that Deaton and Texas Bike Tours was going to take great care of me. From then on out, she answered all of my questions, booked me a tour on her day off, and led our tour herself! The bikes she rented us were awesome, and the bike shop we got them from was incredible. Our entire tour was customized just for us, and every step of the way she offered us choices for where to go next. We saw parts of the city we would have never found on our own, and got awesome pictures every step of the way. I could go on and on and on about how much we loved Deaton and her company, but just take a glance at all the other reviews and you will see that EVERYONE says the same thing…Deaton and this company rule, and if you haven’t signed up for a tour yet, you should do so immediately. Thanks Deaton!!!!

Best thing I did in Texas!

Best thing I did in Texas! Deaton runs the show and she is amazing! Answered all my emails immediately, customized our tour from start to finish, and even booked us for a tour on a day the company was supposed to be closed! You can tell she loves what she does…it comes through in the experience! If you are thinking about doing this tour, think no longer: Book it!! Thanks Deaton, you rock!

A Perfect Day.

This bike tour far exceeded my expectations. I am an avid mountain biker from the northeast and street riding just really isn’t my thing. Deaton went above and beyond with planning my tour. We saw a lot of neighborhoods, Barton springs, the mural wall, and did an 11-mile ride all over the city. All throughout, Deaton shared with me her wealth of knowledge and even included such interesting tid bits about the native American tribes that once ruled the area. However, my favorite part of the tour, besides Deaton’s infectious spirit, was when she took me to a local dirt jump track. I got to rip around some of the jump lines and it was a great experience. Deaton felt more like a friend afterwards than my guide. If you’re ever in Austin and want an unforgettable experience go for a bike tour with Texas bike tours. They can handle any ability level and will personally cater a tour to best suit you.

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