Custom Cycling Experiences in Central Texas

Texas Bike Tours is based in Austin, TX. We create personalized cycling and culinary experiences. Rides include mountain biking, road, gravel and city cycling. This is the bike tour you have imagined and we create.


An immersive experience unfolding in time at a genteel pace. Serene respites and epicurean delights with all luxe services carrying you through the tour experience. Each tour engenders an old world feeling of personal service while utilizing current conveniences.

Picnic in style! Texas Bike Tours offers culinary experiences in Austin, TX


Carefree cycling recalling a simpler time. Being present outside connecting with nature. Kinetic movement building energy. A tour experience invites the childhood joy of freedom on a bicycle. An active vacation from everyday life or a unique celebratory event.





The unfamiliar sparking new ideas, of enjoyment and motivation. Knowledge acquisition fanning the flame. Tours focus on surroundings germane to a selected experience. Even if the tour takes you to a familiar place, seeing surrounds perched on a bicycle while traveling with other guests provides a different perspective.


An agreeable diversion from the usual punctuated with delight, laughter, and new knowledge. Each tour provides a taste of adventure for a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. The tour focus deepens with relevant activities designed to immerse our guests in the experience.