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Long Distances in the Austin Area and Texas Hill Country

The Canadians were guests of TXBT in 2016. The 2020 rides planned were canceled due to the pandemic. Thus in 2023, we were very excited to hear from Mike again. They are coming to Texas for guided bike rides!  It is a pleasure to create experiences with Mike as he knows what they want and trusts us to make it happen.


Texas bike ride guided

Eight days of cycling around Austin and in the Texas Hill Country.  As these gentlemen are experienced long-distant cyclists, expert cyclists with local knowledge were selected as guides.

Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop was again their bike shop of choice. Once again, Alejandro gave TXBT guests excellent bikes and services.

Texas bike ride guided Texas bike ride guided

Favorite places from previous rides were requested to be included in the routes. Jester King was one of those.

One guest cyclist wanted to ride 100 miles the second day. The Austin TXBT guide created a special route and the remaining team members joined at the 20-mile mark to complete their custom route of 80 miles that day.


Texas bike ride guided

Texas bike ride guided

The other days were of various lengths depending on the weather, terrain, the difficulty of the previous day’s ride and their preferences.

Texas bike ride guided Texas bike ride guided

Texas bike ride guided Texas bike ride guided

Two days around Austin plus six days in the Fredericksburg area. A great time was had by all. We at TXBT look forward to riding with these Canadians again!

We want to ride with you.  Request a tour.


Texas Bike Ride is #11

Alice is an inspiring cyclist in her 70s with the goal of a bike ride in each of the 50 states in America. She communicated well what she needed to accomplish this goal and so, TXBT could be a good partner with her actualizing her vision of success. Randy is a golfer rather than a cyclist and wanted to come along for the ride. Therefore, TXBT selected an e-bike for him to ride alongside with Alice for whom we selected a bike customized to her preferences.

road bike cycling

Alice wanted to experience the Texas Hill Country without super steep hill climbs. The perfect area is the edge of the hill country west of Austin. A route was created for 40+ miles cycling through small towns on private ranch roads and country neighborhoods, some mileage on country roads with traffic and finally cycling alongside a river.  A real taste of Texas landscapes with small town charm.

Entrance to ranch in Texas Hill Country

Road bike ride in Texas Hill Country

The TXBT SAG wagon provided custom nutrition and hydration supplies as well as transportation for Randy. As a result, TXBT was ready when he wanted to arrive early at the lunch sport. TXBT did check-ins with Alice as she cycled. Therefore, we ensured she had a safe ride, feeling good and happy about achieving this goal.

Road Cycling Texas Hill Country

The lunch was a celebratory moment with Texas being the 11th of the 50 states. Only 39 more to go! I know she will accomplish the full goal of 50 states. She is courageous, tenacious and healthy.

Bike Touring in Texas Hill Country

Russell, an experienced cyclist from Australia, contacted TXBT to assist in the creation and execution of a ten-day solo bike touring experience in the Texas Hill Country.

TXBT combined the preferences, needs and skill levels of Russell with the knowledge of the local areas to create a ten-day schedule of travels from town to town with information in each town about locals, bike shops, accommodations, camping sites and sources for nutrition and meals. As Russell is experienced in creating his cycling routes, TXBT provided information on the different types of routes we have created for guests over the years as well as on-line sources we use in the creation of routes. It was a fun, interesting, creative process and a detailed agenda was finalized.

During the experience, TXBT provided a bike equipped for touring, helmet, lights, basic repair supplies and tools, transportation from Austin to ride start and from ride end to Austin. Emergency SAG as needed.

Before leaving the area on Russell’s first day, we caught him on video cycling his first Texas Hill Country mile. Russell on Creek Rd

TXBT and Russell stayed in contact throughout the days. He rode well, enjoyed the local town folk, built good memories and in that process, TXBT’s knowledge of creating this type of experience for future guests was enhanced.  Russell shared this photo as an example of roads on his route. 


Austin Bike Tour on Road Bikes

Valerie and Dan wanted an Austin Bike Tour of road cycling to explore the vistas available at the edges of the city.  TXBT guide Dennis, a expert cyclist and gregarious conversationalist, created a route based on their advanced level of cycling and the result was a fun experience for all three.

With a custom Austin bike tour, the ride starts are convenient to our guests. This ride started in East Austin and traveled west.

Road cycling city

Views of the city unfolded.

Climbing into the hill country for vista view.

Hill climbs

Vista views as a reward. 360 Bridge

Austin Bike Tour 360 bridge

Wooded hill country view

Mount Bonnell

guide and two guests on a hill top

Then downhill towards the city and a well deserved break on the lake.

cycling downhill Guests on a break

End Result. Happy Guests and TXBT Guide!

smiling cyclist

Read our reviews for guests’ thoughts on their custom cycling and culinary experiences.


Cycling, Countryside & Cronuts

Jodi wanted to give her finance, Steve, a memorable experience for his birthday. Steve introduced Jodi to road cycling and they often cycled together in a large metropolitan city. She wanted to surprise Steve with hill country road cycling; cronuts as a part of their nutrition in the SAG wagon as Steve missed ready access to this French-American pastry; and a romantic overnight stay in Wimberly.

TXBT created a cycling experience with a custom route. TXBT’s culinary director prepared cronuts and other delights for mid-ride breaks. TXBT SAG picked up Steve and Jodi in Wimberly and transported their personal bikes and gear to the start of the ride in Dripping Springs.

The ride began near a field of flowers.

road cyclists in field of flowers

A break mid-way surprised Steve with cronuts.

hand made road cycling nutrition

The ride continued to meander along hill country roads with local signage along the way.

local sign with colorful areas to residents homes

Photography, SAG guidance and full-support while hill country road cycling, surprises from TXBT and transportation to and from the hotel in Wimberly were included in the experience.

Jodie texted later in the afternoon. “We had a wonderful ride…loved the scenery and rolling hills! Steve is still talking about it. “  Her happiness made us happy.

Surprise 13th Anniversary Gift for Cyclist Husband

She began our conversation with “my husband and I have a trip planned to Fredericksburg, May 8-10 we are celebrating 13 years of marriage. He loves to cycle, me, well, I don’t even own a bike, that should tell you. Wanted to plan this for him so we can both cycle and since it’s our anniversary the romantic dinner sounds perfect.. we both love nature, so a nice ride would be perfect.” The most important component was them riding bikes together.

With Rubi’s input, we created a route that provided a small bit of interest for Pedro and was also peaceful enough to help Rubi feel safe. The route ended at a picnic spot that was private in a shaded area. Bikes were transported from Austin to Fredericksburg. We met at the local bike shop and Pedro was surprised when he realized this was a cycling and culinary experience created by Rubi for him.

Bike riding was a new thing for Rubi…and Pedro rode slowly to be by her side . Stops to rest a moment were needed; then Rubi was ready to go again. Towards the end of the route, Rubi hopped into the SAG wagon to give Pedro an opportunity to ride faster and be more daring. The picnic at the end was a love-fest rest for those two. Frankly, there was such a good feeling in the air that TXBT forgot to take photos of the picnic but do have a videos of them riding bikes together.

Continuing the LoveBird Roll Cycling together

Cycling together

As TXBT was driving back to Austin after the ride, she texted “Thank you again for this beautiful experience. We enjoyed every minute of it, even the bad because it made for a good story to tell. Be safe on your way home.”  The bad..well, Rubi was sick at one of the rest stops and didn’t let that stop her from getting right back on the bike to ride with Pedro. Impressive.



Birthday Surprise – Two Days of Road Cycling

To surprise Brian, Theresa asked TXBT to create two-days of cycling out of Fredericksburg. We also recommended a romantic dinner for two in a private garden.  After learning of Brian’s preferences in cycling, we planned two routes with full SAG support. The routes were customized to allow for conversation while they rode together and also present a little bit of a challenge with beautiful views.

Also, Theresa asked that we secretly transport their personal gear to Fredericksburg. Brian would not know about the cycling or culinary experiences until he visited Jack & Adams Bicycles in Fredericksburg and found his personal bike there. He was so surprised! It was a delight.

Read more in Theresa’s blog posts.

Your Guide to Texas Hill Country Cycling


Fredericksburg’s Finest Restaurant is…a Greenhouse

Hill Country Experience as a Gift

Michael wanted his sister and brother-in-law to have an experience for their Christmas gift. Rather than purchasing a specific cycling & culinary experience, Michael chose a specific dollar amount so Mary & Rob could “get exactly what they want” in the moment when they chose to book with TXBT. This, he said, is to make sure it is “new and different”. We created gift wrap for his gift and personally delivered to their home as Michael lived in another state.

In April, Mary and Rob contacted us and described the experience they wanted us to create for them. They wanted to ride 50 – 70 miles “…through beautiful, relatively low-traffic scenery, with a nice break for lunch. Then we would have a romantic dinner with some wine, and retire to our b&b…”

Road cycling

A local guide in the Fredericksburg area was chosen to ride with Rob and Mary as well as a local chef to create the culinary experience. Then, based on their cycling expertise and preferences, the TXBT guide created a 55-60 mile route with a stop for mid-ride lunch at one of our favorite spots in the hill country.

Vista View Road Cycling Texas

The chef created a menu based on their dietary preferences while selecting various romantic spots in the garden and greenhouse to serve the couple as they progressed through the menu of delights.

Menu for Culinary Experience

During the afternoon, Rob and Mary rested, relaxed and explored the historic area of Fredericksburg. Main St. is a walking wonder with all the shops and tourists who visit this small, friendly town. Then they strolled to the chef’s gardens to have a romantic, enchanted evening together as the sun set and the stars came out…deep in the heart of Texas.

It was such a pleasure to bring to their lives the Christmas gift Michael gave to Mary and Rob.

Celebrating Beating the Odds

Julie wanted personalized cycling and culinary experiences with John to celebrate his birthday. Over time we learned they were also celebrating his good health and that he was alive. Their love, faith and MD Anderson ensured John is with us today having survived a rare and deadly cancer diagnosed in 2018. Two years later, this couple is laughing and riding fast! His 5th check-up was an all-clear and they embraced adventure.

Mountain Biking Start Austin Texas

Day one included overnight storage of hired carbon, full-suspension mountain bikes with transportation to a MTB park outside Austin. The Texas Bike Tours (TXBT) guide created an easier route for the first two hours to include Julie and then the last two hours were fast-paced on technical challenges for John. TXBT SAG picked up picnic-table lunches for all and the experience ended with conversation and a good lunch in the park. Then, transportation back to their hotel in time to rest before their evening fun.

Self-guided road cycling Texas Bike Tours

Day two began at a local bike shop for a custom-fit on carbon road bikes. For a more intimate cycling experience, we decided on self-guided. Turn-by-turn directions as well as a link to download the route to their personal devices were created for them. While cycling through the hill country just outside Austin, the culinary experience director (CED) for TXBT created an intimate picnic setting in the park. The menu was created based on John and Julie’s preferences. A personal chef prepared the edibles and the CED selected the drinkables. The cycling and culinary experience ended with just the two of them secluded under a tree observing the locals playing in our city park with the city skyline in view. They were happy and so we were happy.


Intimate picnic after road bike ride


Earth, Grapes, Bikes & Epicurean Delights

Starla plans a BIG celebration for each new-decade birthday and for her 50th, she wanted a bike trip with her husband and friends. We settled on a bike ride to The Klenk Family Vineyard, tour of the vineyard with the owners and then lunch at the vineyard prepared by an Italian chef and served by his crew. TXBT provided transport back to the start so they could relax and enjoy a lazy afternoon off the bike.

The vineyard owners’ who are cyclists guided the bike ride through the countryside to the vineyard and there shared their stories of raising grapes, partnering with William Chris winery, and why they chose the hill country. Bottles of the wine produced by William Chris from the grapes grown in the vineyard were taken home by Starla & Shaun and their friends.

The terrain over which they cycled, being in the Texas Hill Country AVA terroir where the grapes are grown, and a scrumptious Italian lunch gave Starla the special celebration she desired and deserved for her birthday.


Hill Country Riding, Austin & Fredericksburg

Eight cyclists wanted to explore Austin and road bike in the hill country outside of Austin and Fredericksburg. We rented high-end road bikes similar to their personal bikes, arranged for a custom-fit and practice ride of 20 miles to ensure the bikes were a perfect fit. The next day we rode 65 miles in the hill country outside of Austin and then moved to Frederickburg for five days of riding in the hill country for 55 – 65 miles per day. The TXBT guide for each ride was local to the area and high-speed experienced cyclist.

The routes included 65 miles outside of Austin ending at the Jester King Brewery. In Fredericksburg, routes included the Comfort Loop of 56 miles, Hill Top Cafe Loop of 50 miles, Enchanted Rock Loop of 50 miles, LBJ Ranch Loop of 56 miles, and Willow City Loop of 55 miles.

Texas Hill Country Ride

A custom 57-mile route to include the Willow City Loop. In creating the route, we took into consideration the group’s level of cycling experience, comfort with climbing hills and the desired duration of the ride. A local pathfinder aka guide rides with the group and SAG support is available. The two more casual cyclists were picked up at mid-point and driven back to the start with their bikes.  The experienced pathfinder provides historical information, is prepared to change the route enroute if need be and is a good photographer. An interesting, charming, competent guide.

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