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Off-Road Cycling as Yin Yang Duality

An off-road cycling & culinary experience designed for a podium mountain biker and a novice to enjoy together.

Tour Description:

Oftentimes, family and friends want to share an experience together, but have different levels of expertise. This off-road bike experience is designed to be as accessible for the novice as it is engaging for the advanced mountain biker. Every trail is approached as the product of opposing forces, containing technical lines for the thrill seekers alongside flow sections that will excite and inspire every member of the group.

TXBT crew meets you at the head of the trail with your rental bikes. First, a custom-fit of your mountain bike to ensure safe, carefree cycling. Then two hours of trail riding on a route selected to accommodate the guests’ level of experience and fitness. Your pathfinder is an experienced guide and off-road cyclist. Their care & concern combined with expertise & experience ensure an enjoyable ride for riders of all skill levels.

At the end of the ride, we celebrate your success and enjoy the afterglow of a good day on the trails!

TXBT pathfinder Adam quote: “The elements shape and define every trail in opposition to the terra firma; we ride the contours, finding flow along the fault line, traversing the boundary between the natural and human forces that create our landscape.”

3 hr

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Tour Review

Amazing Austin Adventure!!

I wanted to do something special for my husband’s birthday on our weekend trip to Austin. He loves trail biking and I’d read about the beautiful Austin landscape, so I thought a trail bike tour would be the perfect surprise. Deaton was wonderful, planning every detail, from the bikes to the food and everything in between. I presented a challenge since I’m not a trail biker. But our pathfinder, Adam, found the perfect trails that offered some fun challenges for my husband; yet, they were gentle enough for me to navigate. Thank you to Deaton & Adam for creating an unforgettable experience! We had a blast!! #texasbiketours


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Lisa Cohen


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