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Riding Solo through the Texas Hill Country

A visit to family friends in Texas provided the perfect excuse to embark on another solo bicycle tour adventure. Planning the tour from Australia presented quite a challenge as the information I could find was mostly sketchy on detail and often outdated. Stumbling across the Texas Bike Tours (TXBT) website proved to be the key that led to a safe and rewarding ten-day ride through the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Having Deaton from TXBT on the ground in Austin through the planning phase of the tour proved to be an invaluable resource. Deaton helped make significant modifications to the route I had been considering and with her local knowledge we were able to develop a route that proved to be safe, achievable and particularly rewarding. Deaton also took care of bicycle and equipment hire and ensuring all requirements for a successful tour were in place, right down to tools and spares.

The countryside was spectacular, with some days riding that I regard as comparable to the best days riding I have experienced in any country. Each day’s ride ended in one of the unique small Texan towns where I enjoyed the food, drinks and the company of the people I met along the way. And on each day, I was comforted by knowing that if I did experience any significant difficulty that Deaton was available to bail me out.

Thankfully, with that level of planning all went particularly smoothly. Deaton and TXBT helped fashion a unique tour, tailor made for my ability and objectives. The memories of my wonderful tour will certainly be treasured.