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Fun for Foodies!

Had such an AMAZING day with Texas Bike Tours! When I found out my friend Kellie was coming to Austin to visit I wanted to find something active and fun and FOODIE related for us to do! Because that’s the kind of people we are… We workout. And we EAT!

I consulted with Google and stumbled upon TXBT. Two weeks away from Kellie’s planned visit, I sent an inquiry. (Mind you, this was the week of New Year’s Eve and only a couple of days after Christmas.) I received a prompt response from Deaton whose description and enthusiasm about riding was very contagious. I will admit I was not very excited about a bike tour in January for a few reasons. 1) the weather in Austin had been crappy and depressing. 2) I know how to ride a bike and am very active but I am by no means an experienced rider. And 3) I usually work night shifts and am slightly antisocial lately.

Deaton and I worked very closely for the next two weeks to come up with a perfect day. Truly, I cannot say enough about the experience I have had. Deaton is just phenomenal! She has such incredible insight and attention to detail. I mentioned a few things I liked and wanted to experience on a bike tour and she/they seriously knocked it out of the park! “Fun, unique, eclectic, colorful, flavorful,” to name a few. I expressed to her my concerns regarding weather and *ahem* my lack of experience. And she really took those things to heart! We anticipated a Saturday trip, pending weather. Deaton insisted that, regardless of the rest of the weekend, Friday would be the best day to ride. And she was right! The weather was perfect. Slightly chilly but we were able to plan accordingly. She even suggested ordering our meals ahead at our destinations in anticipation of the lunch hour! Needless to say, we had an enjoyable, leisurely ride, and finished right on time.

A few other things that were just icing on the cake:
1) our “pathfinder” Katherine was incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and an absolute sweetheart. She made sure to take her time with me until I felt comfortable riding the bicycle in downtown Austin. Not to mention, an excellent photographer and extremely professional. She didn’t eat because she wanted to be on her A game and I even saw her decline to be in a photo with all of us. To me that said the experience was not about her, it was just about us, even though she was clearly enjoying herself. I thought that was very thoughtful and respectful of her.

2) Mellow Johnny’s bike shop in downtown Austin hooked it up with the bikes and helmets and even had bags for our stuff. My bike was used but the brakes were perfect, gears changed easily, and my tires were aired up well. We had no issues whatsoever with equipment malfunctions or failures. Thumbs up to those guys!

3) The food trucks! We stopped at Veracruz All Natural in east Austin for tacos. I had the fish tacos and they were, hands down, the best I ever had. Then we stopped at Gordough’s food truck on south 1st. There are no words for this one. Perfection, maybe? Last stop was at the Picnic food truck park near Barton springs. Needless to say, we were a little too full from the previous stops. BUT that area is gorgeous and the ride there was challenging and fun.

4) At the end Deaton had warm hand towels for us, small gifts, and I forgot to mention had given us homemade granola bars.

Overall, both ladies really took their time getting to know us to ensure we got the most out of our time with them.

And we certainly did!

I highly recommend Texas Bike Tours if you’re in the Austin area ❤️ #bestdayever #texasbiketours