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Absolutely Awesome!

Texas Bike Tours was incredible from start to finish. I wrote an email asking for some information, and I received a response from Deaton almost immediately, saying she was out on a tour at the moment, but would write to me as soon as she could. That was my first indication that Deaton and Texas Bike Tours was going to take great care of me. From then on out, she answered all of my questions, booked me a tour on her day off, and led our tour herself! The bikes she rented us were awesome, and the bike shop we got them from was incredible. Our entire tour was customized just for us, and every step of the way she offered us choices for where to go next. We saw parts of the city we would have never found on our own, and got awesome pictures every step of the way. I could go on and on and on about how much we loved Deaton and her company, but just take a glance at all the other reviews and you will see that EVERYONE says the same thing…Deaton and this company rule, and if you haven’t signed up for a tour yet, you should do so immediately. Thanks Deaton!!!!