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Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

We did a small company retreat and reached out to Texas Bike Tours for one of our excursions. We are in the hospitality business so it takes a lot to impress this group, but Deaton went above and beyond the call of duty!!! She put together a perfect, customizable tour for our group of 8. First off, ahead of time we chatted several times to get the perfect route together. Many times when you do a bike excursion in destinations, their bikes are crappy and someone either has a flat or a chain break or their brakes don’t work. Not here! Texas Bike Tours asked for all of our heights in advance and had the perfect, most updated bikes to ride for our adventure.  Not only is Deaton just down right adorable, but she loves Austin and exudes a wonderful spirit about the history of her home town. We stopped along the way and little shady spots to hear the history and then she treated us with a homemade granola bar perfectly packaged with her logo. A great impression! We stopped and took pictures of all of the landmarks along the way and at the end of the tour were handed the most lovely rosemary scented cold washcloths to round out a perfect experience. As we are in the business, we know it’s all about the details and Deaton and her company hit this tour out of the park in our minds! 

We highly recommend Deaton and her crew to make your bike excursion in Austin the very best. Thank you for being such a rock star girl!!!