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Bike Touring in Texas Hill Country

Russell, an experienced cyclist from Australia, contacted TXBT to assist in the creation and execution of a ten-day solo bike touring experience in the Texas Hill Country.

TXBT combined the preferences, needs and skill levels of Russell with the knowledge of the local areas to create a ten-day schedule of travels from town to town with information in each town about locals, bike shops, accommodations, camping sites and sources for nutrition and meals. As Russell is experienced in creating his cycling routes, TXBT provided information on the different types of routes we have created for guests over the years as well as on-line sources we use in the creation of routes. It was a fun, interesting, creative process and a detailed agenda was finalized.

During the experience, TXBT provided a bike equipped for touring, helmet, lights, basic repair supplies and tools, transportation from Austin to ride start and from ride end to Austin. Emergency SAG as needed.

Before leaving the area on Russell’s first day, we caught him on video cycling his first Texas Hill Country mile. Russell on Creek Rd

TXBT and Russell stayed in contact throughout the days. He rode well, enjoyed the local town folk, built good memories and in that process, TXBT’s knowledge of creating this type of experience for future guests was enhanced.  Russell shared this photo as an example of roads on his route. 


Century Gravel Ride

Now living in different areas of the U.S., these cyclists have been friends since elementary school. They challenged one another to finish a century gravel ride as motivation to improve their cycling. This was a first century for two of the friends and a first gravel century for the third.

Texas Bike Tours’ guide is experienced with gravel and has a personality blending well with the guests. Custom route created, SAG wagon outfitted including nutrition and beverages they preferred, and transport provided to the start in a small town outside of Austin.

The ride began.

three gravel cyclist

Gravel rides include different types of roads to connect one gravel road to another.

gravel road

dirt country road with cyclist

red clay road in east texas

Gravel rides give cyclists bucolic views with almost no traffic.

bucolic view on gravel road

SAG wagon always close by and there when needed.

cycling SAG wagon with cyclist

These friends cycled fast and caused a mini stampede of calves and their mother cows.


running calves and cows in field

Century Gravel Ride finished! Read more here about our gravel rides.

Solo Cycling Day Ride of 160 Miles

This solo cycling experience began with a short email asking for SAG support on a one-day Austin to Houston bike ride.

From this beginning to the successful ride to Houston: together we created a plan, Joey the cyclist trained for the long ride, TXBT organized and prepared, and then the day came.

We met at 3 a.m. to begin the ride which meant hours of night cycling for Joey at the beginning.

cyclist road night time

Sunrise Cycling

Gravel Roads

Road Cycling to Houston

And finally – more traffic on highways and city streets. No time for photography. We were both focused on cycling into and through Houston safely.

The happiest moment was seeing Joey cycling onto the driveway of his parent’s home where his family cheered him as he rolled in successfully achieving his goal.

It was a precious moment after a full 16+hour day. I savored the looks of joy on the faces of everyone rather than capturing the moment on film. Joey did the work. He was strong, smart and tenacious on the ride. Joey earned his victory and our forever-respect. An impressive guest.