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Earth, Grapes, Bikes & Epicurean Delights

Starla plans a BIG celebration for each new-decade birthday and for her 50th, she wanted a bike trip with her husband and friends. We settled on a bike ride to The Klenk Family Vineyard, tour of the vineyard with the owners and then lunch at the vineyard prepared by an Italian chef and served by his crew. TXBT provided transport back to the start so they could relax and enjoy a lazy afternoon off the bike.

The vineyard owners’ who are cyclists guided the bike ride through the countryside to the vineyard and there shared their stories of raising grapes, partnering with William Chris winery, and why they chose the hill country. Bottles of the wine produced by William Chris from the grapes grown in the vineyard were taken home by Starla & Shaun and their friends.

The terrain over which they cycled, being in the Texas Hill Country AVA terroir where the grapes are grown, and a scrumptious Italian lunch gave Starla the special celebration she desired and deserved for her birthday.


Cycling Orientation to Austin

Our guests on this ride said that they enjoy getting oriented when they first visit a city by cycling around and taking as much in as they can. Riding through city streets, gravel trails, boardwalks and bridges, we journeyed through nature, historical sights and novel attractions to learn how Austin uniquely fits into Texas.

This tour begins with a custom-fit on bikes at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop to ensure carefree cycling. Moving towards the hill country, we find an internationally recognized BMX monument, a project dedicated to street art, and the fading of bustling downtown as nature drowns out the city.

In South Austin, we highlight the rich history of the old plantation land and feel how it differs from North Austin. Unusual shops, places to eat, eclectic homes and a Franciscan monastery frame the ride as we transition from quiet neighborhoods to South Congress to East Austin.

Riding alongside the Colorado River, we trace a network of roads and trails through a special part of East Austin on our way to the capitol and the University of Texas. We always keep an eye out for an enticing food truck and are full of recommendations for brief stops and refreshments along the way. The last leg of the journey is a downhill roll past houses from the 1800’s as we return to where we began.

Austin First Timers’ Delight

With sights set on history, nature, and food trucks, our guests were excited to get on bikes and explore Austin for the first time. A lovely group of ladies, these guests were looking to enjoy a well-rounded cycling experience in the heart of Austin, Texas.

This tour begins with a custom-fit on bikes at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop to ensure carefree cycling. From the bike shop, a quiet neighborhood built in the 1800’s beckons us onward for a rich taste of a national historic place on the cusp of the hill country. Stories of race, acceptance, and vision flow out of the unique Clarksville area as we ride toward the Colorado river.

Functional art, an old railroad and a revamped power plant are waiting for us by the peaceful river as we cycle down. Standing over the water on a architecturally-astounding bridge, we take in Austin from all angles and see how the landscape all around has evolved over the years.

In the west we find nature uninterrupted by the teeming city life of Austin. Zilker Park marries a skyline vista with an open field to cycle through as locals rest and play on the fields. Gushing spring water flows from the Edwards Aquifer nearby, and after a splash of cool water on the face we enjoy a bite to eat at an iconic food truck park.

As we ride on, the quietness of South Austin is breathtaking. Super-modern homes are grafted into the old plantation lands and their cottage-style dwellings. White peacocks and an old herb store covered in foliage give way to the busy and bright entertainment district of South Congress Avenue. Food trucks dot both sides of the road as the spectacle of shopping and eating scrolls by.

With a quintessential view of the capitol, we head back into town through a shortcut in the east and pick out must-see spots for dinner and drinks later on. The ride continues north through the capitol grounds and the campus of The University of Texas where even more unique sights and stops can be found. Finally, we cycle back to the bike shop to end the day sated and satisfied with life.


Getting Use to Riding A Bike

A cycling experience designed to embolden you to ride a bike to run errands, ride alone, ride with friends, buy your own bike, ride down to the park & back home, ride 60 miles in the hill country…whatever your goal, this experience with get you started towards that goal.

First, you just have to get use to riding a bike.  You bring your own bike or we will have a variety of appropriate bike sizes and styles so you may find your steed. (note…informal use of the word). We begin with a bike fit, then helmet fit and an explanation of why gears are your friend and how they work. You then ride a little to practice changing gears and get the feel of the bike.

After a discussion of the basic best practices for safe street, hike/bike trail, or road cycling, we ride on quiet neighborhood streets escalating to more complex cycling as your comfort and confidence levels rise.  Depending on your goal, the route to cycle is customized to achieve that goal.

As you begin to recall the joy of riding a bike as a child, your heart opens and fear floats out of sight.  Happiness…success…fun.  This cycling experience was created for Autumn who bought a bike the next day and is out on a bike frequently now!