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Austin Bike Tour on Road Bikes

Valerie and Dan wanted an Austin Bike Tour of road cycling to explore the vistas available at the edges of the city.  TXBT guide Dennis, a expert cyclist and gregarious conversationalist, created a route based on their advanced level of cycling and the result was a fun experience for all three.

With a custom Austin bike tour, the ride starts are convenient to our guests. This ride started in East Austin and traveled west.

Road cycling city

Views of the city unfolded.

Climbing into the hill country for vista view.

Hill climbs

Vista views as a reward. 360 Bridge

Austin Bike Tour 360 bridge

Wooded hill country view

Mount Bonnell

guide and two guests on a hill top

Then downhill towards the city and a well deserved break on the lake.

cycling downhill Guests on a break

End Result. Happy Guests and TXBT Guide!

smiling cyclist

Read our reviews for guests’ thoughts on their custom cycling and culinary experiences.


Solo Cycling Day Ride of 160 Miles

This solo cycling experience began with a short email asking for SAG support on a one-day Austin to Houston bike ride.

From this beginning to the successful ride to Houston: together we created a plan, Joey the cyclist trained for the long ride, TXBT organized and prepared, and then the day came.

We met at 3 a.m. to begin the ride which meant hours of night cycling for Joey at the beginning.

cyclist road night time

Sunrise Cycling

Gravel Roads

Road Cycling to Houston

And finally – more traffic on highways and city streets. No time for photography. We were both focused on cycling into and through Houston safely.

The happiest moment was seeing Joey cycling onto the driveway of his parent’s home where his family cheered him as he rolled in successfully achieving his goal.

It was a precious moment after a full 16+hour day. I savored the looks of joy on the faces of everyone rather than capturing the moment on film. Joey did the work. He was strong, smart and tenacious on the ride. Joey earned his victory and our forever-respect. An impressive guest.


Celebrating Life and Enjoying Family Time

This Austin mother and wife wanted him to have free time with their young daughter, and his parents while on a bike; together exploring a part of Austin they didn’t know. The bikes were set up near their breakfast spot so that on a stroll, the family would approach and then the surprise revealed. The ride meandered through alleys, busy and quiet streets to an artist’s home. He welcomed them and there was not only interests for all ages, there was an opportunity for the grandparents to enjoy the little girl, the couple to have time alone knowing that they could just be together with no worries. Then a little adventure at the home and we were back on the bikes. A short ride to a natural setting with stories from the past threading through our conversations as to the land’s past lives. Then back on the bikes for a short ride to continue celebrating at a local beer garden. Completing the no-stress experience, TXBT transported the bikes for the family so they could relax and enjoy being together. The best part of the experience for TXBT was seeing those private moments of joy between the family members. One one photo here. See more on our Facebook page.

Overview & Brew

Two couples were having a “fun week-end” together and wanted to not only know about Austin, they wanted to enjoy Austin’s microbrewery culture. Experienced cyclists, enjoy nature, interested in Austin culture including brews and wanted to have fun! A specific tour pathfinder aka guide immediately came to mind.

Including new art installations that spoke to what Austin is about, the route wound through Austin in the city, on the boardwalk, on the trails, and ending at a local brewery. TXBT returned their bikes to the bike shop for them so they could just relax, enjoy the brewery and the area. Before we departed, we ensured they knew the locations of our favorite breweries and gave them a locally-made, bike-key-ring to take home a piece of our Austin culture.


Cycling Orientation to Austin

Our guests on this ride said that they enjoy getting oriented when they first visit a city by cycling around and taking as much in as they can. Riding through city streets, gravel trails, boardwalks and bridges, we journeyed through nature, historical sights and novel attractions to learn how Austin uniquely fits into Texas.

This tour begins with a custom-fit on bikes at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop to ensure carefree cycling. Moving towards the hill country, we find an internationally recognized BMX monument, a project dedicated to street art, and the fading of bustling downtown as nature drowns out the city.

In South Austin, we highlight the rich history of the old plantation land and feel how it differs from North Austin. Unusual shops, places to eat, eclectic homes and a Franciscan monastery frame the ride as we transition from quiet neighborhoods to South Congress to East Austin.

Riding alongside the Colorado River, we trace a network of roads and trails through a special part of East Austin on our way to the capitol and the University of Texas. We always keep an eye out for an enticing food truck and are full of recommendations for brief stops and refreshments along the way. The last leg of the journey is a downhill roll past houses from the 1800’s as we return to where we began.

Perfect way to see the city!

Deaton is so attentive to every detail of your tour. She plans the route based on your personal interests, whether it be history, art, nature, or food trucks! Also, Linda was such a knowledgeable and enjoyable guide. We would have never seen so much of the city in a weekend if we did not take this tour. Seeing this city from the biking trails gives you good insight to the wonderful outdoor quality of life that Austin enjoys.

Austin First Timers’ Delight

With sights set on history, nature, and food trucks, our guests were excited to get on bikes and explore Austin for the first time. A lovely group of ladies, these guests were looking to enjoy a well-rounded cycling experience in the heart of Austin, Texas.

This tour begins with a custom-fit on bikes at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop to ensure carefree cycling. From the bike shop, a quiet neighborhood built in the 1800’s beckons us onward for a rich taste of a national historic place on the cusp of the hill country. Stories of race, acceptance, and vision flow out of the unique Clarksville area as we ride toward the Colorado river.

Functional art, an old railroad and a revamped power plant are waiting for us by the peaceful river as we cycle down. Standing over the water on a architecturally-astounding bridge, we take in Austin from all angles and see how the landscape all around has evolved over the years.

In the west we find nature uninterrupted by the teeming city life of Austin. Zilker Park marries a skyline vista with an open field to cycle through as locals rest and play on the fields. Gushing spring water flows from the Edwards Aquifer nearby, and after a splash of cool water on the face we enjoy a bite to eat at an iconic food truck park.

As we ride on, the quietness of South Austin is breathtaking. Super-modern homes are grafted into the old plantation lands and their cottage-style dwellings. White peacocks and an old herb store covered in foliage give way to the busy and bright entertainment district of South Congress Avenue. Food trucks dot both sides of the road as the spectacle of shopping and eating scrolls by.

With a quintessential view of the capitol, we head back into town through a shortcut in the east and pick out must-see spots for dinner and drinks later on. The ride continues north through the capitol grounds and the campus of The University of Texas where even more unique sights and stops can be found. Finally, we cycle back to the bike shop to end the day sated and satisfied with life.


Roll Then Stroll

Guests requested nature in abundance for this experience and, as it was their 3rd tour with us, we wanted to give them a unique experience. We decided to think outside the cycling box, looking at an off-road experience that would be more relaxing than mountain biking.

This tour begins with a custom-fit on road bikes at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop to ensure carefree cycling. At the edge of the Texas hill country just outside of Austin, we roll through neighborhoods to high top views of the city from afar and the scenery evolves for a multifaceted native experience. A 20-mile route which may be shortened as we ride, returns to Austin at the Zilker Park trailhead at Barton Springs.

Taking a break at The Picnic for a light lunch at a food truck, or enjoying a culinary break prepared by a personal chef is a great way to finish the cycling. The SAG wagon is close by with personal clothing and any equipment needed for a stroll through nature. The tour then becomes a stroll as we walk the Barton Springs Greenbelt. The hiking trail begins as mostly wide and flat.

With sheer limestone cliff walls, dense lush vegetation, and popular swimming areas, the trail evolves into an untamed expression of rugged Texas beauty. After a soothing walk through the trail, and perhaps a dip into the cool creek water, the tour wraps up with a short rest with refreshments at a picnic table and one last ride to the bike shop to top off the day.

City Bike Tour & Romantic Dinner

She wanted a special, romantic experience as a gift for her husband’s birthday who enjoys cycling.  

To begin, a city bike tour conveying the heart of Fredericksburg through history, local lore, and quaint beauty. As hills roll into quiet streets, the historic homes, churches, cemeteries, and shop buildings become a backdrop for Fredericksburg’s best stories. Tenacity, bravery, intelligence and humility marked the original settlers who lived peacefully in the hill country with the Indians.

Then as the sunlight began to fade, the couple rolled into a garden where a personal chef awaited them. At sunset, they sat in the garden, sharing thoughts of the day over appetizers and wine. At twilight, they continued the culinary journey into the garden greenhouse to dine intimately in light from chandeliers surrounded by nature and art. The custom menu description for one course was “Feel your heart beat with Heart Beet Salad with Maple Roasted Cashews and a pale ale vinaigrette.” The couple could feel their hearts beat as one as they shared this cycling & culinary experience.

A Child’s Exploration in Austin

A central Austin tour designed to engage children with a little adventure threading through the exploration of a local park, cycling and walking on a historic trail, tree climbing, stream crossing, and a small field of standing stones ideal for play acting.   It will be easy to forget you are in a city. Additional time and mileage may be added for older children. Again, duration is driven by the pace chosen by our guests.

Anniversary Ride through the City and Romantic Dinner in a Park

Bryan wanted to celebrate his 1st wedding anniversary with Lisa by surprising her with a cycling experience and a romantic dinner. She rides bikes – podium. He rides motorcycles. The cycling and culinary experience directors pondered, collaborated and created this concept for Bryan. Check out the bride’s review on Trip Advisor. Bryan hit a home run with his lady love.

The concept gave them a ride through our city looking into the north, south, east and west.  The city reflected back the uniqueness of their relationship – openness and acceptance.

They rode together through quiet neighborhoods to see architecture, art, and nature while hearing about how the city developed and became what it is today…a vibrant, creative community with support for individuals as well as businesses. Traveling deeper into the South Austin area, the pathfinder delved further into the rich history as to why and how South Austin differs from North Austin.

We visited SoCo, Rainey St. entertainment district,  then headed west to travel back through the city talking about the past while seeing how 6th street and the city have evolved. Continuing through the city, we traveled back to where we began. As they rolled up, they entered a romantic spot created just for them and glowing in the waining light from the setting sun. The chef stood by waiting to serve a quiet, elegant dinner designed especially for a 1st Anniversary celebration.


West Austin Loop and Food Truck Fare

Helene visited Austin from Montreal for a business convention, and contacted us to arrange a guided tour of the city. Helene is an experienced cyclist, so we developed a 45 mile route that traversed rolling hills to the West and ended with a trip to Barton Springs road to enjoy food truck fare and local artisan shopping. It was a beautiful 64° – much warmer than Montreal in October!

For our guests who are avid cyclists, a loop through the hilly West Austin neighborhoods is the perfect recipe for a quick but challenging ride that allows easy access to a taste of Austin’s culture as we return to our downtown starting point. Helene’s pathfinder Allen was the perfect companion for this ride, as he knows West Austin bike routes like the back of his hand, and is talented with a camera. Helene took home a wonderful collection of photos documenting her Austin adventure.

We fitted Helene with a carbon road bike equipped with SPD pedals from our friends at Mellow Johnny’s. She was thrilled to have a light and speedy bike, water bottle, and helmet waiting for her. There’s no need to waste time that should be spent exploring a new city with organizing a bike rental.


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