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Family Bike Ride

The email from Luana expressed the desire for a family bike ride in Austin to celebrate Mother’s Day for the grandmother aka “Mom” and Luana’s birthday.  Also, she wanted a celebratory picnic in a peaceful setting.  Being together as a family is the priority.

The cycling expertise ranged from a half-mile ride to a faster 10-15 miles. Two bike rentals were needed…a high-end road bike and a trike-bike for the grandmother. (Our Supporting Cyclists section includes our hiring bikes description at this link.)  The trike-bike was provided by Golden Rollers to whom the family made a donation as there was no rental fee. Here is a video of  beginning the ride.

Family Bike Ride Austin

We realized the route and venue needed to allow for these bike riders to easily return at different times to the picnic spot while allowing for several of the family members to get in some mileage as they “raced” one-another. The route had to be super safe for the age range of young teenagers to a senior as several had little to no experience riding a bike. The picnic area needed to be spring-beautiful and private, if possible. Here is a  video of other family members beginning the ride and a photo of flowers on the route.

Family Bike Ride Austin 

wildflowers in Austin

The requestor, Luana, was a mother, sister, daughter, aunt and in-law to these seven other people. With her excellent ideas and input, the experience was designed and then implemented resulting in a joyous experience for everyone especially the grandmother on the trike-bike. She had been in a serious cycling accident and loved being on a bike again.

Grandmother on Trike-Bike

The TXBT guide cycled with the group to provide guidance as needed and photographed the family members as they rode along.

Family members returned to the picnic spot and then rode off again over several hours. The picnic feast was expansive, delicious and all prepared by Luana. TXBT served as support and gave Luana and Grandma birthday and Mother’s Day gifts.

explanation of food available at a picnic

Texas Bike Tours gives gift to guests

We at TXBT enjoyed creating and then being in this experience with this lovely family. Luana sent this note to us later. Her words made us very happy.

“Thank you so much for the photos! A good time was had by all. Mom woke up Monday saying she wasn’t sore and was ready to ride again! She had so much fun she has been talking nonstop about her adventure. 

I really enjoyed working with you and was pleased everything went smoothly (and without rain). You worked miracles and made my vision come to fruition. Thank you again. Take care,

Luana “


Cycling, Countryside & Cronuts

Jodi wanted to give her finance, Steve, a memorable experience for his birthday. Steve introduced Jodi to road cycling and they often cycled together in a large metropolitan city. She wanted to surprise Steve with hill country road cycling; cronuts as a part of their nutrition in the SAG wagon as Steve missed ready access to this French-American pastry; and a romantic overnight stay in Wimberly.

TXBT created a cycling experience with a custom route. TXBT’s culinary director prepared cronuts and other delights for mid-ride breaks. TXBT SAG picked up Steve and Jodi in Wimberly and transported their personal bikes and gear to the start of the ride in Dripping Springs.

The ride began near a field of flowers.

road cyclists in field of flowers

A break mid-way surprised Steve with cronuts.

hand made road cycling nutrition

The ride continued to meander along hill country roads with local signage along the way.

local sign with colorful areas to residents homes

Photography, SAG guidance and full-support while hill country road cycling, surprises from TXBT and transportation to and from the hotel in Wimberly were included in the experience.

Jodie texted later in the afternoon. “We had a wonderful ride…loved the scenery and rolling hills! Steve is still talking about it. “  Her happiness made us happy.

Hill Country Experience as a Gift

Michael wanted his sister and brother-in-law to have an experience for their Christmas gift. Rather than purchasing a specific cycling & culinary experience, Michael chose a specific dollar amount so Mary & Rob could “get exactly what they want” in the moment when they chose to book with TXBT. This, he said, is to make sure it is “new and different”. We created gift wrap for his gift and personally delivered to their home as Michael lived in another state.

In April, Mary and Rob contacted us and described the experience they wanted us to create for them. They wanted to ride 50 – 70 miles “…through beautiful, relatively low-traffic scenery, with a nice break for lunch. Then we would have a romantic dinner with some wine, and retire to our b&b…”

Road cycling

A local guide in the Fredericksburg area was chosen to ride with Rob and Mary as well as a local chef to create the culinary experience. Then, based on their cycling expertise and preferences, the TXBT guide created a 55-60 mile route with a stop for mid-ride lunch at one of our favorite spots in the hill country.

Vista View Road Cycling Texas

The chef created a menu based on their dietary preferences while selecting various romantic spots in the garden and greenhouse to serve the couple as they progressed through the menu of delights.

Menu for Culinary Experience

During the afternoon, Rob and Mary rested, relaxed and explored the historic area of Fredericksburg. Main St. is a walking wonder with all the shops and tourists who visit this small, friendly town. Then they strolled to the chef’s gardens to have a romantic, enchanted evening together as the sun set and the stars came out…deep in the heart of Texas.

It was such a pleasure to bring to their lives the Christmas gift Michael gave to Mary and Rob.

Grandparents Gift an Experience to the Family

Nan let us know that she and Joel wanted to spend a day of their visit to Austin cycling with their daughter, her husband and the children. Everyone enjoys riding a bike and with a focus on the grandchildren, the route should be casual, safe and fun. Along the route, the TXBT culinary experience director would create alfresco dining for lunch in a gazebo. Fun and yummy!

The family had personal bikes but no transport ability. TXBT trailer picked up the bikes at the family home along with a child’s trailer for the little one. We all met at a park to begin the ride. There was excitement in the air with the children laughing and talking. We snapped a photo at the start.

From there we rolled on trails, through parks, along a cliff edge, up and then down across a flowing stream to arrive at the gazebo. The chef awaited our arrival with a gourmet lunch that delighted everyone. After lunch the children skipped stones in the creek, climbed big rocks and pondered climbing a tree. We returned to the start just in time for a nap at home – parents, grandparents and the guide wanted a nap too.


picnic on a bike ride skipping stones on a bike ride



Earth, Grapes, Bikes & Epicurean Delights

Starla plans a BIG celebration for each new-decade birthday and for her 50th, she wanted a bike trip with her husband and friends. We settled on a bike ride to The Klenk Family Vineyard, tour of the vineyard with the owners and then lunch at the vineyard prepared by an Italian chef and served by his crew. TXBT provided transport back to the start so they could relax and enjoy a lazy afternoon off the bike.

The vineyard owners’ who are cyclists guided the bike ride through the countryside to the vineyard and there shared their stories of raising grapes, partnering with William Chris winery, and why they chose the hill country. Bottles of the wine produced by William Chris from the grapes grown in the vineyard were taken home by Starla & Shaun and their friends.

The terrain over which they cycled, being in the Texas Hill Country AVA terroir where the grapes are grown, and a scrumptious Italian lunch gave Starla the special celebration she desired and deserved for her birthday.


Family Reunion Cycling Adventure

The family wanted to enjoy each others’ company as they became reacquainted by cycling together around Austin. As we know, the family that dines together, stays together. So a culinary experience at the end of the ride was requested.

We began with a custom bike-fit for guests with rented bikes. Then departed Hyde Park to reach the Walnut Creek Hike & Bike trail. Cycling through quiet neighborhoods to reach the prairie side of our city.

Off the streets and onto the Walnut Creek Hike & Bike Trail, we traveled on a rural ride via concrete paths through the flatland prairie on the east side of Austin. This trail runs through neighborhoods, followed by riding through “meadows” and then into the southern part of east Austin to Govalle Park. Meandering through east Austin neighborhoods, we saw where the creatives work and play. Riding past murals, art galleries, urban farms, traditional Mexican homes and businesses, historic buildings, and construction…this is a part of Austin that is evolving right before our eyes as Clarksville and South Austin have in years past.

Crossing the Colorado, we reached the Butler Hike & Bike trail on the south side of Lady Bird Lake. This trail turns into the recently built Boardwalk. A beautiful view of the city while traveling on an artistic boardwalk with art celebrating Austin music embedded in the rails.

As the sun began to set, the guides lead the family to a historic park in the center of the city. There the TXBT personal chef awaited to serve a light early evening menu. The family toasted the good life and being together.


Perfect way to see the city!

Deaton is so attentive to every detail of your tour. She plans the route based on your personal interests, whether it be history, art, nature, or food trucks! Also, Linda was such a knowledgeable and enjoyable guide. We would have never seen so much of the city in a weekend if we did not take this tour. Seeing this city from the biking trails gives you good insight to the wonderful outdoor quality of life that Austin enjoys.

Austin First Timers’ Delight

With sights set on history, nature, and food trucks, our guests were excited to get on bikes and explore Austin for the first time. A lovely group of ladies, these guests were looking to enjoy a well-rounded cycling experience in the heart of Austin, Texas.

This tour begins with a custom-fit on bikes at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop to ensure carefree cycling. From the bike shop, a quiet neighborhood built in the 1800’s beckons us onward for a rich taste of a national historic place on the cusp of the hill country. Stories of race, acceptance, and vision flow out of the unique Clarksville area as we ride toward the Colorado river.

Functional art, an old railroad and a revamped power plant are waiting for us by the peaceful river as we cycle down. Standing over the water on a architecturally-astounding bridge, we take in Austin from all angles and see how the landscape all around has evolved over the years.

In the west we find nature uninterrupted by the teeming city life of Austin. Zilker Park marries a skyline vista with an open field to cycle through as locals rest and play on the fields. Gushing spring water flows from the Edwards Aquifer nearby, and after a splash of cool water on the face we enjoy a bite to eat at an iconic food truck park.

As we ride on, the quietness of South Austin is breathtaking. Super-modern homes are grafted into the old plantation lands and their cottage-style dwellings. White peacocks and an old herb store covered in foliage give way to the busy and bright entertainment district of South Congress Avenue. Food trucks dot both sides of the road as the spectacle of shopping and eating scrolls by.

With a quintessential view of the capitol, we head back into town through a shortcut in the east and pick out must-see spots for dinner and drinks later on. The ride continues north through the capitol grounds and the campus of The University of Texas where even more unique sights and stops can be found. Finally, we cycle back to the bike shop to end the day sated and satisfied with life.


Roll Then Stroll

Guests requested nature in abundance for this experience and, as it was their 3rd tour with us, we wanted to give them a unique experience. We decided to think outside the cycling box, looking at an off-road experience that would be more relaxing than mountain biking.

This tour begins with a custom-fit on road bikes at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop to ensure carefree cycling. At the edge of the Texas hill country just outside of Austin, we roll through neighborhoods to high top views of the city from afar and the scenery evolves for a multifaceted native experience. A 20-mile route which may be shortened as we ride, returns to Austin at the Zilker Park trailhead at Barton Springs.

Taking a break at The Picnic for a light lunch at a food truck, or enjoying a culinary break prepared by a personal chef is a great way to finish the cycling. The SAG wagon is close by with personal clothing and any equipment needed for a stroll through nature. The tour then becomes a stroll as we walk the Barton Springs Greenbelt. The hiking trail begins as mostly wide and flat.

With sheer limestone cliff walls, dense lush vegetation, and popular swimming areas, the trail evolves into an untamed expression of rugged Texas beauty. After a soothing walk through the trail, and perhaps a dip into the cool creek water, the tour wraps up with a short rest with refreshments at a picnic table and one last ride to the bike shop to top off the day.

City Bike Tour & Romantic Dinner

She wanted a special, romantic experience as a gift for her husband’s birthday who enjoys cycling.  

To begin, a city bike tour conveying the heart of Fredericksburg through history, local lore, and quaint beauty. As hills roll into quiet streets, the historic homes, churches, cemeteries, and shop buildings become a backdrop for Fredericksburg’s best stories. Tenacity, bravery, intelligence and humility marked the original settlers who lived peacefully in the hill country with the Indians.

Then as the sunlight began to fade, the couple rolled into a garden where a personal chef awaited them. At sunset, they sat in the garden, sharing thoughts of the day over appetizers and wine. At twilight, they continued the culinary journey into the garden greenhouse to dine intimately in light from chandeliers surrounded by nature and art. The custom menu description for one course was “Feel your heart beat with Heart Beet Salad with Maple Roasted Cashews and a pale ale vinaigrette.” The couple could feel their hearts beat as one as they shared this cycling & culinary experience.

Anniversary Ride through the City and Romantic Dinner in a Park

Bryan wanted to celebrate his 1st wedding anniversary with Lisa by surprising her with a cycling experience and a romantic dinner. She rides bikes – podium. He rides motorcycles. The cycling and culinary experience directors pondered, collaborated and created this concept for Bryan. Check out the bride’s review on Trip Advisor. Bryan hit a home run with his lady love.

The concept gave them a ride through our city looking into the north, south, east and west.  The city reflected back the uniqueness of their relationship – openness and acceptance.

They rode together through quiet neighborhoods to see architecture, art, and nature while hearing about how the city developed and became what it is today…a vibrant, creative community with support for individuals as well as businesses. Traveling deeper into the South Austin area, the pathfinder delved further into the rich history as to why and how South Austin differs from North Austin.

We visited SoCo, Rainey St. entertainment district,  then headed west to travel back through the city talking about the past while seeing how 6th street and the city have evolved. Continuing through the city, we traveled back to where we began. As they rolled up, they entered a romantic spot created just for them and glowing in the waining light from the setting sun. The chef stood by waiting to serve a quiet, elegant dinner designed especially for a 1st Anniversary celebration.


32 Miles of Scenery to Comfort, TX

Diane & Chuck’s dream tour was a leisurely ride through the hill country on low traffic roads.

We arranged two carbon bike rentals from Jack and Adams in Fredericksburg. We met there at 10 AM, and departed on quiet city streets avoiding busy highways to reach scenic ranch roads. Goat farms, dairy farms, alpacas, donkeys, old log cabins, and small hills and meadows adorned the countryside as we followed the Pedernales River. Our roller coaster descent into Comfort culminated in a sublime view that suspended time.

We enjoyed Comfort with lunch at High Street Café and hitched a ride back to Fredericksburg in our SAG wagon.


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