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Celebrating Life and Enjoying Family Time

This Austin mother and wife wanted him to have free time with their young daughter, and his parents while on a bike; together exploring a part of Austin they didn’t know. The bikes were set up near their breakfast spot so that on a stroll, the family would approach and then the surprise revealed. The ride meandered through alleys, busy and quiet streets to an artist’s home. He welcomed them and there was not only interests for all ages, there was an opportunity for the grandparents to enjoy the little girl, the couple to have time alone knowing that they could just be together with no worries. Then a little adventure at the home and we were back on the bikes. A short ride to a natural setting with stories from the past threading through our conversations as to the land’s past lives. Then back on the bikes for a short ride to continue celebrating at a local beer garden. Completing the no-stress experience, TXBT transported the bikes for the family so they could relax and enjoy being together. The best part of the experience for TXBT was seeing those private moments of joy between the family members. One one photo here. See more on our Facebook page.

Overview & Brew

Two couples were having a “fun week-end” together and wanted to not only know about Austin, they wanted to enjoy Austin’s microbrewery culture. Experienced cyclists, enjoy nature, interested in Austin culture including brews and wanted to have fun! A specific tour pathfinder aka guide immediately came to mind.

Including new art installations that spoke to what Austin is about, the route wound through Austin in the city, on the boardwalk, on the trails, and ending at a local brewery. TXBT returned their bikes to the bike shop for them so they could just relax, enjoy the brewery and the area. Before we departed, we ensured they knew the locations of our favorite breweries and gave them a locally-made, bike-key-ring to take home a piece of our Austin culture.


Perfect way to see the city!

Deaton is so attentive to every detail of your tour. She plans the route based on your personal interests, whether it be history, art, nature, or food trucks! Also, Linda was such a knowledgeable and enjoyable guide. We would have never seen so much of the city in a weekend if we did not take this tour. Seeing this city from the biking trails gives you good insight to the wonderful outdoor quality of life that Austin enjoys.

Austin First Timers’ Delight

With sights set on history, nature, and food trucks, our guests were excited to get on bikes and explore Austin for the first time. A lovely group of ladies, these guests were looking to enjoy a well-rounded cycling experience in the heart of Austin, Texas.

This tour begins with a custom-fit on bikes at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop to ensure carefree cycling. From the bike shop, a quiet neighborhood built in the 1800’s beckons us onward for a rich taste of a national historic place on the cusp of the hill country. Stories of race, acceptance, and vision flow out of the unique Clarksville area as we ride toward the Colorado river.

Functional art, an old railroad and a revamped power plant are waiting for us by the peaceful river as we cycle down. Standing over the water on a architecturally-astounding bridge, we take in Austin from all angles and see how the landscape all around has evolved over the years.

In the west we find nature uninterrupted by the teeming city life of Austin. Zilker Park marries a skyline vista with an open field to cycle through as locals rest and play on the fields. Gushing spring water flows from the Edwards Aquifer nearby, and after a splash of cool water on the face we enjoy a bite to eat at an iconic food truck park.

As we ride on, the quietness of South Austin is breathtaking. Super-modern homes are grafted into the old plantation lands and their cottage-style dwellings. White peacocks and an old herb store covered in foliage give way to the busy and bright entertainment district of South Congress Avenue. Food trucks dot both sides of the road as the spectacle of shopping and eating scrolls by.

With a quintessential view of the capitol, we head back into town through a shortcut in the east and pick out must-see spots for dinner and drinks later on. The ride continues north through the capitol grounds and the campus of The University of Texas where even more unique sights and stops can be found. Finally, we cycle back to the bike shop to end the day sated and satisfied with life.


Anniversary Ride through the City and Romantic Dinner in a Park

Bryan wanted to celebrate his 1st wedding anniversary with Lisa by surprising her with a cycling experience and a romantic dinner. She rides bikes – podium. He rides motorcycles. The cycling and culinary experience directors pondered, collaborated and created this concept for Bryan. Check out the bride’s review on Trip Advisor. Bryan hit a home run with his lady love.

The concept gave them a ride through our city looking into the north, south, east and west.  The city reflected back the uniqueness of their relationship – openness and acceptance.

They rode together through quiet neighborhoods to see architecture, art, and nature while hearing about how the city developed and became what it is today…a vibrant, creative community with support for individuals as well as businesses. Traveling deeper into the South Austin area, the pathfinder delved further into the rich history as to why and how South Austin differs from North Austin.

We visited SoCo, Rainey St. entertainment district,  then headed west to travel back through the city talking about the past while seeing how 6th street and the city have evolved. Continuing through the city, we traveled back to where we began. As they rolled up, they entered a romantic spot created just for them and glowing in the waining light from the setting sun. The chef stood by waiting to serve a quiet, elegant dinner designed especially for a 1st Anniversary celebration.


See into Austin and Ride Countryside

These New Zealand guests were stopping in Austin for only two days on their way to Chicago. They asked to see what is important in Austin and ride a little in the countryside. They requested a picnic basket culinary experience during the tour but the CED recommended food truck stops to really immerse in the full Austin experience.

The cycling and culinary experience created brought into their line of vision that which makes Austin unique – openness and acceptance without judgment. Incorporated into this sight line was “a little in the countryside” where they would be surprised to still be in the city. The following is the concept we created with and for them.

First a custom-fit on bikes hired for the experience. Then cycling in a quiet neighborhood with opportunities to see and climb on a project dedicated to street art and to hear about and experience a dirt bike park. Then moving past public art, ride over the Colorado River and cycle beside the river on the hike and bike trail to Zilker Park with Barton Springs pool.

By traveling west just another block or two, we could have climbs to conquer as the hill country begins here. Instead we…travel E on city streets or on the hike and bike trail, to the SoCo entertainment and shopping district stopping for look-see and a break.

We move further south to explore this district or head N to cross the Colorado again to travel along the trail to the Rainey Street District. Literally completely different from SoCo except they are both highly entertaining. Your pathfinder will continually fill you in on the history and local lore of each district.

After Rainey, “Dirty 6th” is just a few blocks away. We could take a peak down that street and then cycle East on 4th Street to the part of the city that is currently undergoing the greatest change, East Austin. Traveling through the streets, you will see old and new Austin including visual arts, cultural areas, and remnants of the past.

Moving to the edge of the city, we access a trail specifically built for bikes and pedestrians. We ride through fields, quiet woods, over streams and make our way north for a higher view of the city. Swooping down to travel south, we enter a country road to see an urban farm with a good story and if we want to ride a half-mile further, we can visit the site of Austin cycling races.

Traveling west, we access the Colorado River to wade at Secret Beach, explore the wildlife sanctuary and venture through the south shore to access the boardwalk for a memorable view of the city over the water. From there we cross the Lady Bird Lake to explore a little of downtown and then end where we began.

There will be many opportunities to pop off the route for a bite to eat, drink and rest. To get the full Austin experience, we will stop at food trucks along the way.

Overview of Austin for the Moore Family

The mom let us know that her family had never been to Austin before and wanted to feel the vibe of the city. The dad has an offer to transfer to central Texas from Northern Illinois. This trip is to decide whether to move to Austin. Their 11-year old will be a decision-maker as well and on the cycling tour; therefore, her parents wish to have fun stops for her as well as eat healthy at a food truck.

As we cycled together, they experienced the edge of the hill country and the flatness of the blackland prairie as Austin sits between these two regions of Texas. The route also brought into their line of vision that which makes Austin special – openness and acceptance without judgment.

We rode through quiet neighborhoods, looked at and climbed on street art, rode in a dirt bike park, crossed the river and ventured into Zilker Park. Good healthy food was had along the way. A climb up Doug Salm Hill and exploration in South Austin again showed the city to be open, adventurous and embracing of all people.  The family enjoyed art created by people as well as art created by nature. Our final stop was a photographic session with the gleaming skyline of Austin alongside the beauty of water and trees.

Overview of Austin for Adults with Children

Designed for the enjoyment of a family, this is a brief look at downtown Austin, adjacent districts and neighborhoods. As you cycle, you experience the edge of the hill country, the flatness of the blackland prairie and that which makes Austin special – openness and acceptance without judgment.

Along the way, you see and climb on street art, experience a dirt bike park, move past public art, ride over the Colorado River and cycle beside the river on the hike and bike trail to parks, quiet eclectic neighborhoods, see leucistic white peacocks and climb a circular path up a hill. Visits to family-friendly retail shops as well as stops at food trucks add more to your experience of what is Austin.

While in South Austin, we could tour Casa Neverlandia, an artist’s concept of a chalet with fire poles, if the artist is available. The Neverlandia Tour cost is $10 a person.

Best Bike Tour in Austin!

My friend and I came to Austin for ACL and decided to book a tour on our last day in town. We came across Texas Bike Tours…and good thing, because it was the best part of our trip!  We took the South Austin tour that explored the SoCo district and we loved it! We had a great tour guide who knew his information and Deaton was a sweetheart. She had water bottles with lemon (my favorite) ready for us and after the ride (in 98 degree weather, ugh!) had frozen washcloths with rosemary on hand.  This was by far the best tour I have taken in any city and would highly recommend it…Thank you Texas Bike Tours for making our last day in Austin amazing! 

Exploring South Central Austin

This is an eclectic, neighborhood, circular ride to explore the history and development of Austin just south of the Colorado River and to enjoy the unusual, quirky shops; eating establishments (not all of them are restaurants) and heritage homes there. With four or more guests, we will tour Casa Neverlandia, an artist’s concept of a chalet with fire poles, or possibly an original Dawson home from the late 1800s. Beginning with a ride over the Colorado on the Pfluger Bridge, you will come to understand how south Austin developed differently from North Austin. The flow of the river, the flow of people to the area along with the changes in the economy of Austin brings us to where we are today. Travel through natural beauty and man-made wonder to experience South Austin.


Finding, Seeing & Knowing Fredericksburg

Casually cycle with TXBT crew on streets less traveled and be in the heart of Fredericksburg. In the 1840’s desperate German immigrants were “rescued” by Baron Otfried Han Freiherr von Meusebach and together began the city we see today. Travel where longhorns graze in a field in town, down historic streets where oxen pulled carts, hear the stories of the homes and tombstones…others may see the Hoffman Haus, you will know the Basse Haus is there. Bike hire service is also available. Let us customize this experience for you with a focus on history, art, food, or antiques for example. This can then be a three-hour tour for an additional $10 a person.