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Texas Hill Country Ride

The hill country ranch roads around Willow City create a cycling route called the Willow City Loop. Listed as one of the top 50 rides you must do before you die, this guest had this ride on his bucket list. A custom cycling experience to include the Willow City Loop was created for two experienced cyclist and two casual cyclists.

Tour Description:

A custom 57-mile route to include the Willow City Loop. In creating the route, we took into consideration the group’s level of cycling experience, comfort with climbing hills and the desired duration of the ride. A local pathfinder aka guide rides with the group and SAG support is available. The two more casual cyclists were picked up at mid-point and driven back to the start with their bikes.  The experienced pathfinder provides historical information, is prepared to change the route enroute if need be and is a good photographer. An interesting, charming, competent guide.

7 hr

county & ranch roads