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Surprise 13th Anniversary Gift for Cyclist Husband

He cycles. She doesn’t. She surprised him with a bike tour.

Tour Description:

She began our conversation with “my husband and I have a trip planned to Fredericksburg, May 8-10 we are celebrating 13 years of marriage. He loves to cycle, me, well, I don’t even own a bike, that should tell you. Wanted to plan this for him so we can both cycle and since it’s our anniversary the romantic dinner sounds perfect.. we both love nature, so a nice ride would be perfect.” The most important component was them riding bikes together.

With Rubi’s input, we created a route that provided a small bit of interest for Pedro and was also peaceful enough to help Rubi feel safe. The route ended at a picnic spot that was private in a shaded area. Bikes were transported from Austin to Fredericksburg. We met at the local bike shop and Pedro was surprised when he realized this was a cycling and culinary experience created by Rubi for him.

Bike riding was a new thing for Rubi…and Pedro rode slowly to be by her side . Stops to rest a moment were needed; then Rubi was ready to go again. Towards the end of the route, Rubi hopped into the SAG wagon to give Pedro an opportunity to ride faster and be more daring. The picnic at the end was a love-fest rest for those two. Frankly, there was such a good feeling in the air that TXBT forgot to take photos of the picnic but do have a videos of them riding bikes together.

Continuing the LoveBird Roll Cycling together

Cycling together

As TXBT was driving back to Austin after the ride, she texted “Thank you again for this beautiful experience. We enjoyed every minute of it, even the bad because it made for a good story to tell. Be safe on your way home.”  The bad..well, Rubi was sick at one of the rest stops and didn’t let that stop her from getting right back on the bike to ride with Pedro. Impressive.



5 hr

country, small town roads