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Roll Then Stroll

City bike ride followed by a refreshing lunch and a beautiful, laid-back hike to enjoy the Natural Austin.

Tour Description:

Guests requested nature in abundance for this experience and, as it was their 3rd tour with us, we wanted to give them a unique experience. We decided to think outside the cycling box, looking at an off-road experience that would be more relaxing than mountain biking.

This tour begins with a custom-fit on road bikes at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop to ensure carefree cycling. At the edge of the Texas hill country just outside of Austin, we roll through neighborhoods to high top views of the city from afar and the scenery evolves for a multifaceted native experience. A 20-mile route which may be shortened as we ride, returns to Austin at the Zilker Park trailhead at Barton Springs.

Taking a break at The Picnic for a light lunch at a food truck, or enjoying a culinary break prepared by a personal chef is a great way to finish the cycling. The SAG wagon is close by with personal clothing and any equipment needed for a stroll through nature. The tour then becomes a stroll as we walk the Barton Springs Greenbelt. The hiking trail begins as mostly wide and flat.

With sheer limestone cliff walls, dense lush vegetation, and popular swimming areas, the trail evolves into an untamed expression of rugged Texas beauty. After a soothing walk through the trail, and perhaps a dip into the cool creek water, the tour wraps up with a short rest with refreshments at a picnic table and one last ride to the bike shop to top off the day.

4 hr

road, trail walking


Tour Review

An amazing way to spend your day!!!

From the first point of contact it is clear that owner Deaton Bednar desires to give her clientele an experience they will remember forever. Not only is she a literal hive of information on all things “Austin” ( having lived there for over 35 years) but this is one funky cool lady!!!  
She has created multiple biking packages for every level of biking enthusiast which include the “romantic Austin” tour, the “Austin music scene and food truck” tour, and the “Austin Hill Country” tour. This year she created a new tour called the “roll and stroll” for those who may want to start out on the bikes and end with a brisk stroll/hike along the Austin Greenbelt and Barton Springs. Each tour is led by one of Deaton’s hand picked “pathfinders” who will guide you on your way, a stealth photographer who will take many candid shots, and a personal chef who whips up homemade snacks, a picnic lunch, and even a glass of bubbly or wine along the way…all tailored to your food tastes. If one of her pre-set tours doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, just tell her what you prefer and she will create an experience just for you!!!  
Trust me when I say that this is no ordinary bike tour and that it is quite possibly the best way ever to see and learn about a city I’ve ever encountered. By the end of your day on the bikes your brain will be full of interesting Austin facts and history, your body will feel strong and healthy, and your heart will be full and happy!!! What a perfect trifecta 🙂 

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March 31, 2017

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