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Gravel, Donuts, BBQ & Beer

Riding less-traveled roads.

Tour Description:

Frank requested a guided gravel & road ride for him and his wife with culinary stops and a beer at the end. We also found out they like BBQ and donuts as well as beer with a preference for less-traveled roads. As they are strong riders, they also requested 50 miles.

After a custom-fit at a local bike shop, the TXBT culinary experience director delivered handmade donuts, banana nut bread with a picnic set-up. We then took off to start the ride in the little town of Lockhart. With frequent connections with SAG for a break of good food and relaxation, the ride rolled through bucolic countryside where we were alone with cows, birds, prairie dogs, buzzards, song birds and peace prevailed. Maybe one pick-up truck each hour. Casual & carefree.

We ended the ride at a well-known BBQ spot in Lockhart with cold beer and reminisced about the day. Then, back to Austin with forever memories of a gravel day.

8 hr

gravel with paved country roads