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Overview of Austin for Adults with Children

An overview of Austin to engage adults as well as older children in the unique aspects of Austin. Play, nature, art, food, people…all appropriate for children and their adults.

Tour Description:

Designed for the enjoyment of a family, this is a brief look at downtown Austin, adjacent districts and neighborhoods. As you cycle, you experience the edge of the hill country, the flatness of the blackland prairie and that which makes Austin special – openness and acceptance without judgment.

Along the way, you see and climb on street art, experience a dirt bike park, move past public art, ride over the Colorado River and cycle beside the river on the hike and bike trail to parks, quiet eclectic neighborhoods, see leucistic white peacocks and climb a circular path up a hill. Visits to family-friendly retail shops as well as stops at food trucks add more to your experience of what is Austin.

While in South Austin, we could tour Casa Neverlandia, an artist’s concept of a chalet with fire poles, if the artist is available. The Neverlandia Tour cost is $10 a person.

4 hr

bike trails, neighborhood streets


Tour Review

Fun and Educational!

My wife and I have been on many bike tours around the country but none have been as accommodating as this one. We pulled into Austin yesterday and were able to arrange a private tour today for my family of four. We had a blast seeing all sorts of sites with our guide Katherine. She knew every side street and bike path to avoid traffic and was very knowledgeable about the sites, restaurants and the history of Austin. I have to say though my favorite part was riding my road bike around the BMX park. When we were done Deaton the owner greeted us with rosemary scented hot clothes. Between Katherine and Deaton they really made the visit to Austin the highlight of our visit here.

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Don Fox


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