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Riding a bike on a Guided Tour with the Final Destination of a Microbrewery

Tour Description:

Two couples were having a “fun week-end” together and wanted to not only know about Austin, they wanted to enjoy Austin’s microbrewery culture. Experienced cyclists, enjoy nature, interested in Austin culture including brews and wanted to have fun! A specific tour pathfinder aka guide immediately came to mind.

Including new art installations that spoke to what Austin is about, the route wound through Austin in the city, on the boardwalk, on the trails, and ending at a local brewery. TXBT returned their bikes to the bike shop for them so they could just relax, enjoy the brewery and the area. Before we departed, we ensured they knew the locations of our favorite breweries and gave them a locally-made, bike-key-ring to take home a piece of our Austin culture.


3 hr

trails, city streets


Tour Review

Perfect way to preview Austin!

This was an amazing tour that was customized not only to fit the locations we wanted to see, but matched to our personalities. Through email correspondence, Deaton learned about our group (two couples) and laid out the perfect route for us. The route included some of the tourist hotspots, but even better, included off the beaten path sights that suited us well.

Deaton met us with bikes, helmets, water, and a tasty granola bar ready to go. She was so upbeat and friendly. She was as excited about us going on the tour as we were. Every detail was pre-planned and executed by Deaton. We did not have to do anything but show up!

Jacob was our personal tour guide. He was incredibly friendly and did a wonderful job taking us around the city. He gave us great information about the sites we were seeing. He made the tour so much fun, We really didn’t want the tour to end!

We booked this tour for the first morning of our 3 day stay. We learned quickly that this was a smart move. Many of the places we visited during our stay were already pointed out on the bike tour. It made Austin feel comfortable to us, and we even looked into some of the fun Austin locales based on what we saw on the tour.

We ended our tour at a brewery, per our request. Deaton met us in the parking lot with cool, rosemary scented cloths to refresh ourselves with, along with an awesome, locally crafted, and designed by Jacob, bicycle key ring to keep as a memento of our ride. Deaton and Jacob returned our bikes for us, again, doing all of the work.

In addition to everything, Jacob took photographs of our group throughout the tour. By the end of the day, we had a link to a Google Drive folder with all of the photos, for no additional charge!

Texas Bike Tour provides more than just a tour. It is a personal experience suited to meet your needs and desires. We found a diamond here! The tour was the highlight of our trip!


Review By
Renee Wilcox

May 26, 2017

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