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Overview of Austin for the Moore Family

A cycling experience to feel the vibe of the city.

Tour Description:

The mom let us know that her family had never been to Austin before and wanted to feel the vibe of the city. The dad has an offer to transfer to central Texas from Northern Illinois. This trip is to decide whether to move to Austin. Their 11-year old will be a decision-maker as well and on the cycling tour; therefore, her parents wish to have fun stops for her as well as eat healthy at a food truck.

As we cycled together, they experienced the edge of the hill country and the flatness of the blackland prairie as Austin sits between these two regions of Texas. The route also brought into their line of vision that which makes Austin special – openness and acceptance without judgment.

We rode through quiet neighborhoods, looked at and climbed on street art, rode in a dirt bike park, crossed the river and ventured into Zilker Park. Good healthy food was had along the way. A climb up Doug Salm Hill and exploration in South Austin again showed the city to be open, adventurous and embracing of all people.  The family enjoyed art created by people as well as art created by nature. Our final stop was a photographic session with the gleaming skyline of Austin alongside the beauty of water and trees.

3 hr

hike/bike trails, city streets


Tour Review

“A beautiful way to see Austin.“

We had such a great time with Deaton today. There aren’t enough wonderful things to say, just an amazing experience! A must do in Austin!

Review By
Jenifer Moore

December 28, 2016

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