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Off-Road Touring on a Mountain Bike

Stay off the streets and roads to cycle on natural trails under shady trees beside creeks and ponds.

Tour Description:

A cycling experience for those who want to be surrounded by nature, quiet and beauty with no vehicles riding beside you. We will rent mountain bikes for you and deliver your bikes to the entrance of the trail where the TXBT pathfinder waits to lead you on a off-road experience through the park. The route on the trails are selected based on comfort & experience of the group. If the weather is hot, a quick dip in a cool pond could be available to enhance the experience.

At the end of the ride, TXBT transports you to a culinary experience at a private residence overlooking the Colorado River. There you will enjoy a gourmet feast designed around your preferences and may share the adventure again through conversation.

This tour is designed for riders who are curious about mountain biking and those who are very experienced and wish to share that experience with others not so experienced.

3 1/2 hr



Tour Review

Delightful Mountain Bike Experience!

I recently enjoyed a TBT mountain bike experience. I entered this with some trepidation because I have never ridden a mountain bike trail and have not been on a bike in a decade. My worries were immediately silenced when I met our pathfinder, Katherine Pierce. She has a calm, positive demeanor and gave just the right instruction at the right time. The trail had a few challenges, but none that I couldn’t maneuver. It also had wonderful scenery – through quiet trees, to a waterfall, and then to a historic home. And, to top it off, a hawk flew between me and another rider. Then there was the food! Tasty, healthy feast prepared by Barbara Gibson. I highly recommend this excursion if you want to get away from the streets and enjoy a quiet day in nature on a bike.

Review By
Kathy King


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