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Mother-Daughter Fredericksburg Bike & Brunch

A mothers’ and daughters’ getaway to experience Fredericksburg and all its beauty and charm.

Tour Description:

Our guests were a pair of mothers and daughters from Chicago who were looking for a respite from usual city life with a taste of small town Texas. We designed a bike tour that unveils the local charm of Fredericksburg while helping to work up an appetite for a unique culinary experience in a private garden after the ride.

Starting at a nearby bike shop, guests are custom-fitted to their bikes to ensure carefree riding throughout the day. As we begin the tour, we encounter landmarks, man-made and natural, that come together to tell the story of brave settlers who founded Fredericksburg. The quaint town invites us onward to see historic homes, churches, cemeteries and shop buildings that have as much character as the rugged Texans who built them all.

We ride further to explore the beautiful land that was shared by the settlers with Indians—land that is worth sharing and cherishing together to this day. The tour slows down near the end as we approach a local greenhouse and garden. A private gardening-cooking session awaits guests inside that includes recipes, samples of dishes prepared and a beverage pairing with the menu.

Refreshed and relaxed, we finish the tour back at the bike shop and reflect on the highlights of the day.

3 hr



Tour Review

The Best Mother-Daughter Trip!

I chose Fredericksburg to spend two days with my daughter and another mother/daughter based on Trip Advisor’s reviews…and I can’t say enough about our experience with Texas Bike Tours! From my initial contact, Deaton went above and beyond to customize our bike/culinary experience. down to the gluten-free granola bars, mint water in our bottles and cold rosemary towels upon our return. Chuck did an awesome job as our tour guide by giving us the opportunity to see the “real” Fredericksburg; charming, quaint and hospitable! And Bill Varney of UrbanHerbal created the most fabulous culinary experience with a luncheon in his greenhouse that he shared the recipes and cooking tips for; in addition to sampling all of his handmade aromatherapy and skin care products which we all ended up buying. This day couldn’t have been more perfect and provided us with the most wonderful memories, thanks to the photos taken by both Chuck & Deaton!

Review By
Jane DeSimone

April 20, 2017

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Trip Adviser