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Family Bike Ride

Celebrating Being a Family

Tour Description:

The email from Luana expressed the desire for a family bike ride in Austin to celebrate Mother’s Day for the grandmother aka “Mom” and Luana’s birthday.  Also, she wanted a celebratory picnic in a peaceful setting.  Being together as a family is the priority.

The cycling expertise ranged from a half-mile ride to a faster 10-15 miles. Two bike rentals were needed…a high-end road bike and a trike-bike for the grandmother. (Our Supporting Cyclists section includes our hiring bikes description at this link.)  The trike-bike was provided by Golden Rollers to whom the family made a donation as there was no rental fee. Here is a video of  beginning the ride.

Family Bike Ride Austin

We realized the route and venue needed to allow for these bike riders to easily return at different times to the picnic spot while allowing for several of the family members to get in some mileage as they “raced” one-another. The route had to be super safe for the age range of young teenagers to a senior as several had little to no experience riding a bike. The picnic area needed to be spring-beautiful and private, if possible. Here is a  video of other family members beginning the ride and a photo of flowers on the route.

Family Bike Ride Austin 

wildflowers in Austin

The requestor, Luana, was a mother, sister, daughter, aunt and in-law to these seven other people. With her excellent ideas and input, the experience was designed and then implemented resulting in a joyous experience for everyone especially the grandmother on the trike-bike. She had been in a serious cycling accident and loved being on a bike again.

Grandmother on Trike-Bike

The TXBT guide cycled with the group to provide guidance as needed and photographed the family members as they rode along.

Family members returned to the picnic spot and then rode off again over several hours. The picnic feast was expansive, delicious and all prepared by Luana. TXBT served as support and gave Luana and Grandma birthday and Mother’s Day gifts.

explanation of food available at a picnic

Texas Bike Tours gives gift to guests

We at TXBT enjoyed creating and then being in this experience with this lovely family. Luana sent this note to us later. Her words made us very happy.

“Thank you so much for the photos! A good time was had by all. Mom woke up Monday saying she wasn’t sore and was ready to ride again! She had so much fun she has been talking nonstop about her adventure. 

I really enjoyed working with you and was pleased everything went smoothly (and without rain). You worked miracles and made my vision come to fruition. Thank you again. Take care,

Luana “


4 hr

paved trail