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Hill Country Experience as a Gift

Road cycling & personal chef culinary experience in the Texas hill country as a Christmas gift

Tour Description:

Michael wanted his sister and brother-in-law to have an experience for their Christmas gift. Rather than purchasing a specific cycling & culinary experience, Michael chose a specific dollar amount so Mary & Rob could “get exactly what they want” in the moment when they chose to book with TXBT. This, he said, is to make sure it is “new and different”. We created gift wrap for his gift and personally delivered to their home as Michael lived in another state.

In April, Mary and Rob contacted us and described the experience they wanted us to create for them. They wanted to ride 50 – 70 miles “…through beautiful, relatively low-traffic scenery, with a nice break for lunch. Then we would have a romantic dinner with some wine, and retire to our b&b…”

Road cycling

A local guide in the Fredericksburg area was chosen to ride with Rob and Mary as well as a local chef to create the culinary experience. Then, based on their cycling expertise and preferences, the TXBT guide created a 55-60 mile route with a stop for mid-ride lunch at one of our favorite spots in the hill country.

Vista View Road Cycling Texas

The chef created a menu based on their dietary preferences while selecting various romantic spots in the garden and greenhouse to serve the couple as they progressed through the menu of delights.

Menu for Culinary Experience

During the afternoon, Rob and Mary rested, relaxed and explored the historic area of Fredericksburg. Main St. is a walking wonder with all the shops and tourists who visit this small, friendly town. Then they strolled to the chef’s gardens to have a romantic, enchanted evening together as the sun set and the stars came out…deep in the heart of Texas.

It was such a pleasure to bring to their lives the Christmas gift Michael gave to Mary and Rob.

7 hr

Country roads, quiet small town streets