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Grandparents Gift an Experience to the Family

Three generations cycling together on an autumn day. Quality time together outside, on a bike, lunch in a gazebo, then play-talk time in a small parik.

Tour Description:

Nan let us know that she and Joel wanted to spend a day of their visit to Austin cycling with their daughter, her husband and the children. Everyone enjoys riding a bike and with a focus on the grandchildren, the route should be casual, safe and fun. Along the route, the TXBT culinary experience director would create alfresco dining for lunch in a gazebo. Fun and yummy!

The family had personal bikes but no transport ability. TXBT trailer picked up the bikes at the family home along with a child’s trailer for the little one. We all met at a park to begin the ride. There was excitement in the air with the children laughing and talking. We snapped a photo at the start.

From there we rolled on trails, through parks, along a cliff edge, up and then down across a flowing stream to arrive at the gazebo. The chef awaited our arrival with a gourmet lunch that delighted everyone. After lunch the children skipped stones in the creek, climbed big rocks and pondered climbing a tree. We returned to the start just in time for a nap at home – parents, grandparents and the guide wanted a nap too.


picnic on a bike ride skipping stones on a bike ride



4 hr

trails and quiet streets