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Family Reunion Cycling Adventure

Family shares the experience of riding a bike and sharing a meal as the sun sets.

Tour Description:

The family wanted to enjoy each others’ company as they became reacquainted by cycling together around Austin. As we know, the family that dines together, stays together. So a culinary experience at the end of the ride was requested.

We began with a custom bike-fit for guests with rented bikes. Then departed Hyde Park to reach the Walnut Creek Hike & Bike trail. Cycling through quiet neighborhoods to reach the prairie side of our city.

Off the streets and onto the Walnut Creek Hike & Bike Trail, we traveled on a rural ride via concrete paths through the flatland prairie on the east side of Austin. This trail runs through neighborhoods, followed by riding through “meadows” and then into the southern part of east Austin to Govalle Park. Meandering through east Austin neighborhoods, we saw where the creatives work and play. Riding past murals, art galleries, urban farms, traditional Mexican homes and businesses, historic buildings, and construction…this is a part of Austin that is evolving right before our eyes as Clarksville and South Austin have in years past.

Crossing the Colorado, we reached the Butler Hike & Bike trail on the south side of Lady Bird Lake. This trail turns into the recently built Boardwalk. A beautiful view of the city while traveling on an artistic boardwalk with art celebrating Austin music embedded in the rails.

As the sun began to set, the guides lead the family to a historic park in the center of the city. There the TXBT personal chef awaited to serve a light early evening menu. The family toasted the good life and being together.


3 hr

trails, city streets


Tour Review

What to do with 12 family members in town?

Take a bike tour, that’s what! We contacted Texas Bike Tours and arranged a family outing. A number of participants were from out of town. Where do you get bikes for all? Not to worry, Deaton, the tour company owner got the stats on what we needed and had the bikes and helmets waiting for us. We arrived in Hyde Park, a picturesque neighborhood in Central Austin. Met Deaton, our two tour guides, got the tour lowdown, donned our helmets and we were off. We headed through neighborhoods, then east of town, to a fantastic trail system, winding up in downtown Austin to a wonderful catered meal and libations. The tour guides were patient, knowledgeable about Austin and more than accommodating to our requests. We snapped photos at iconic spots in Austin, rode along the river and into Zilker Park, ending up at another wonderful park in downtown Austin. Great time, great adventure, great food, great family memories. I highly recommend Texas Bike Tours.

Review By
Sadie Winkstern

March 13, 2016

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