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Evening and Hill Country Cycling

An evening ride combined with a hill country ride the next day.

Tour Description:

The guest requested an evening ride to enjoy the city as it’s appearance changes in light that moves from golden to blue and then to the black of night followed by a day of hill country climbing.

We began the evening ride shortly before sunset when the rays of the sun are soft. The evening blue hour is late dusk when the residual, indirect sunlight has a blue hue. Cycling east and then west, we followed the reflective light on the city and entered a park to feel the country within the city. As we departed the park, we felt as if we were slipping through the dark to return to where we began.  A three hour ride.

The following day’s cycling experience was completely different. A little over 60 miles with an elevation of 3,596 ft with an average speed of 12.8 mph with a max speed of 38.7.  A fun time of 6.5 hours.  Big smiles on both the guest’s and guide’s faces when they rolled in to the shop.

3-6 hr

trails, city streets & roads

6 & 60+

Tour Review

“Austin by bicycle and so much more!”

Two separate rides. Two perfect experiences. One an evening into the night ride with Jacob filled with views of Austin and the river in the glow and radiance of pure reflected light, plus an abundance of Austin history and a multitude of Austin life-experienced shared. A delayed start time due to be being stuck in Austin traffic and feeling anything but peaceful all melted away as we pedaled along the river and I listened to Jacob’s stories of Austin. All was right with the world.
Day 2 was a ride that came with a request for hill-climbing from a cyclist that is not a racer but loves to ride and climb hills. Dennis put together a full-day ride that perfectly met my request. I was introduced to many of Austin’s road climbing hills and Dennis, who really enjoys racing, made me feel completely comfortable riding with me the entire day. The ride challenged me to be a better rider and a better hill-climber and fulfilled my requested ride perfectly. It was a privilege riding with Dennis.  I’m very grateful for the work that Deaton and her team are doing. These are amazing representatives of Austin

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Bill Bell


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