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Finding, Seeing & Knowing Fredericksburg

Brave men and women were the early Fredericksburg settlers who needed a better life and were willing to work hard to create that life for the children.

Tour Description:

Casually cycle with TXBT crew on streets less traveled and be in the heart of Fredericksburg. In the 1840’s desperate German immigrants were “rescued” by Baron Otfried Han Freiherr von Meusebach and together began the city we see today. Travel where longhorns graze in a field in town, down historic streets where oxen pulled carts, hear the stories of the homes and tombstones…others may see the Hoffman Haus, you will know the Basse Haus is there. Bike hire service is also available. Let us customize this experience for you with a focus on history, art, food, or antiques for example. This can then be a three-hour tour for an additional $10 a person.

2 hr

city streets


Tour Review

Personalized for our expectations! See more in less time – tour by bike!

We had a wonderful experience and got to see more of the “Real” Fredericksburg than any museum or other tour could offer. This was our third trip to the area and in our two hours with our guide Tasha we learned more about the area and its founding than we had in our two previous trips combined. In only two hours of easy bike riding, we saw more of the city than most residents.

The customization of our tour began long before we met Tasha. I texted back and forth with the owner about our fitness levels and interests. She found the perfect “pathfinder” for us as well as arranged to have us fitted for suitable bikes.  Josh at “Jack and Adams Bike Shop” was a little concerned about my husbands height, but they were able to fit him to a great street cruiser. Both of our bikes were high quality and quite comfortable. This made riding them effortless!

The streets of Fredericksburg are very well suited for bike tours. They are “wide enough to turn an ox cart.” This made touring the city while chatting easy and safe. This is not an “exercise program” so a reasonable amount of fitness is all that is required.

Everything needed for a perfect tour is provided. Granola bars made specifically with our food allergies in mind, high quality helmets, water bottles, and even cold rosemary wash clothes at the end of the ride are provided. All you need to bring is sunscreen, sunglasses, and proper shoes for riding.

Don’t miss this unique tour of a special town.

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