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City Bike Tour & Romantic Dinner

City bike tour for local history and culture followed by a romantic dinner for two in a secluded, eclectic spot.

Tour Description:

She wanted a special, romantic experience as a gift for her husband’s birthday who enjoys cycling.  

To begin, a city bike tour conveying the heart of Fredericksburg through history, local lore, and quaint beauty. As hills roll into quiet streets, the historic homes, churches, cemeteries, and shop buildings become a backdrop for Fredericksburg’s best stories. Tenacity, bravery, intelligence and humility marked the original settlers who lived peacefully in the hill country with the Indians.

Then as the sunlight began to fade, the couple rolled into a garden where a personal chef awaited them. At sunset, they sat in the garden, sharing thoughts of the day over appetizers and wine. At twilight, they continued the culinary journey into the garden greenhouse to dine intimately in light from chandeliers surrounded by nature and art. The custom menu description for one course was “Feel your heart beat with Heart Beet Salad with Maple Roasted Cashews and a pale ale vinaigrette.” The couple could feel their hearts beat as one as they shared this cycling & culinary experience.

3 hr

neighborhood streets


Tour Review

Bike Tour and Romantic Dinner for Two

I wanted to do something special for my husband’s birthday, and thought a bike tour would be a perfect way for us to share something he really enjoys. I connected with Deaton and explained what I was looking for – she took it from there and created an amazing experience that we can’t stop talking about! We had a two-hour bike tour through Fredericksburg, learning about the local history and culture from an interesting and knowledgeable tour guide. Chuck let us pick up the pace and slow down as we wished.

Then we headed to URBANherbal, which is an eclectic spot – including gardens, art gallery, herbal products shop, and greenhouse. Mr. Bill Varney hosted us for a delicious and amazing dinner of 4 courses, selected just for us! We were warm and cozy in the greenhouse, being served each course at a relaxed pace, surrounded by plants and artwork. The ambiance was perfect – and it became even more romantic as the night became darker and we were enveloped in a cone of light from the beautiful chandeliers. Bill brings such obvious passion to his cooking, and to the gardens, the art gallery and the products that he makes by hand. It is clear that he has found his calling, in taking care of people through food and art!

And Deaton and her crew take care of their customers as well! This is something we won’t forget – and are looking forward to more trips with Texas Bike Tours!!

Review By
Diana Ramberansingh

February 4, 2017

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