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Celebrating Life and Enjoying Family Time

Cycling to visit local favorites with no responsibilites other than to celebrate a birthday and family love.

Tour Description:

This Austin mother and wife wanted him to have free time with their young daughter, and his parents while on a bike; together exploring a part of Austin they didn’t know. The bikes were set up near their breakfast spot so that on a stroll, the family would approach and then the surprise revealed. The ride meandered through alleys, busy and quiet streets to an artist’s home. He welcomed them and there was not only interests for all ages, there was an opportunity for the grandparents to enjoy the little girl, the couple to have time alone knowing that they could just be together with no worries. Then a little adventure at the home and we were back on the bikes. A short ride to a natural setting with stories from the past threading through our conversations as to the land’s past lives. Then back on the bikes for a short ride to continue celebrating at a local beer garden. Completing the no-stress experience, TXBT transported the bikes for the family so they could relax and enjoy being together. The best part of the experience for TXBT was seeing those private moments of joy between the family members. One one photo here. See more on our Facebook page.

3 hr

city alleys and streets


Tour Review

Flawless Execution of a Tour

A few themes that you will find in other reviews of Texas Bike Tours are Deaton’s uniquely tailored experiences, thorough planning, and attention to detail; I wholeheartedly agree with all of them.

My contribution to the accolades is her flawless execution of a tour with an additional level of complexity – one involving three generations, including the need for a child trailer and compatible route.

We were celebrating my husband’s birthday, and Deaton found a way for everyone¬†to get something out of the tour. When my daughter started to flag, out came a kid’s snack bar to get her revitalized.

On a personal note, it is a rare treat to find someone that can be entrusted to actualize a vision that was only described in broad strokes. All we had to do is show up and enjoy the wonderful experience!

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Aurelie Brown

December 8, 2019

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