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Anniversary Ride through the City and Romantic Dinner in a Park

Cycling around Austin to experience the unique, cool aspects of the city and enjoy a dinner for two celebrating love.

Tour Description:

Bryan wanted to celebrate his 1st wedding anniversary with Lisa by surprising her with a cycling experience and a romantic dinner. She rides bikes – podium. He rides motorcycles. The cycling and culinary experience directors pondered, collaborated and created this concept for Bryan. Check out the bride’s review on Trip Advisor. Bryan hit a home run with his lady love.

The concept gave them a ride through our city looking into the north, south, east and west.  The city reflected back the uniqueness of their relationship – openness and acceptance.

They rode together through quiet neighborhoods to see architecture, art, and nature while hearing about how the city developed and became what it is today…a vibrant, creative community with support for individuals as well as businesses. Traveling deeper into the South Austin area, the pathfinder delved further into the rich history as to why and how South Austin differs from North Austin.

We visited SoCo, Rainey St. entertainment district,  then headed west to travel back through the city talking about the past while seeing how 6th street and the city have evolved. Continuing through the city, we traveled back to where we began. As they rolled up, they entered a romantic spot created just for them and glowing in the waining light from the setting sun. The chef stood by waiting to serve a quiet, elegant dinner designed especially for a 1st Anniversary celebration.


4 hr

city-streets, bike paths


Tour Review

Anniversary of Opposites

This was the best activity!  Deaton and her crew created a perfect experience!  I race bikes; my husband didn’t own a bike.  The experience was a 10 for both of us.  The history, the locations, the attention to detail was first rate! Every tour is unique and custom.  We had a special anniversary dinner prepared.  Again, first rate.  You must give it a try! 

Review By
Lisa Michele

January 28, 2017

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Trip Adviser