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A Child’s Exploration in Austin

Enjoy seeing Austin with your children. While any tour may be customized to engage children, this is one tour designed specifically for children.

Tour Description:

A central Austin tour designed to engage children with a little adventure threading through the exploration of a local park, cycling and walking on a historic trail, tree climbing, stream crossing, and a small field of standing stones ideal for play acting.   It will be easy to forget you are in a city. Additional time and mileage may be added for older children. Again, duration is driven by the pace chosen by our guests.

2 hr

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Tour Review

Highest recommendations for the best bike tour in Austin!

Yesterday was my 3rd time to use Texas Bike Tours, so I don’t even need to say how much I love it  Whenever I have guests this will be on ‘must do’ list. Deaton is amazing, and I always have feeling that her priority is not to earn money but to have happy clients. She always have prepared snacks, wet towels, sunscreen lotion, water etc. I moved to Austin less than 2 years ago and on these tours there is always something new to see and learn. Yesterday tour was with my 6 years old nephew and he was fascinated! Will come back again for sure! Thank you Deaton! English is not my native language so I hope this review will be understandable. (Note: Ana is from Serbia.)

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Ana Desivojevic Schweizer


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